Breaking News: Kaiser Permanente Employees go on Largest Healthcare Strike in US history

Oct 4, 2023- people holding signs in protest of Kaiser medical care and the low wages of their workers
Oct 4, 2023- people holding signs in protest of Kaiser medical care and the low wages of their workers

Over 75,000 Kaiser Permanente health care workers went on a three-day strike after contract negotiations failed to meet a deal to raise wages and provide additional resources. It is considered to be the biggest healthcare strike in US history.

The SEIU Healthcare Labor Union stated that if a deal is not met with Kaiser, they will start a strike on Wednesday, October 4, for a three day period. As of now, healthcare workers are walking out of hospitals in seven states– California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Employees started marching out with signs at 6am to join the picket lines.

Healthcare workers that include nurses, pharmacists, therapists, etc., are primarily fighting against short-staffing and for higher wages. Not only are nurses being affected, Claudia Penado, a kitchen worker at the Panorama City Kaiser Permanente, reveals that “as I work in the kitchen, we are the lowest paid department.” This causes more to be overworked and have unfair labor practices. Employees plan to return back to work on Saturday, October 7 at 6am.

The union had given a 10-day notice about this strike to Kaiser, but Penado stated that “the Union has been preparing for this strike for months.” Because the SEIU gave a notification in advance, it is up to Kaiser to reschedule appointments and to hire temporary replacements.

However, this will largely affect the patients at these hospitals. Short-staffing makes it harder for doctors and nurses to give their attention to hundreds of patients. With the ongoing strike, it can delay patients’ labs, x-rays, prescriptions, appointments, and more.

There is no official deal made yet by Kaiser and the SEIU-UHW. They are still bargaining and have progressed with agreements as of late Tuesday according to NBC Bay Area. The SEIU hopes to reach an agreement with Kaiser executives regarding the toll of the pandemic and the staffing crisis, fixing the PSP program, and more.

While some laboratories are closed, their hospitals, emergency departments, and pharmacies are still open and may be backed up or rescheduled.

The gallery below highlights the healthcare worker’s rally in Los Angeles County on Wednesday, October 4.

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