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The Cliff Hanger, one of the rides at the Homecoming Carnival, is one of the most popular among students attending, September 9th 2023 at Golden Valley High School.
Campus News
Golden Valley Shoots For the Stars with Their Homecoming event
Janai Holland, Staff Writer, Campus News • September 29, 2023
The 3D printers new to Golden Valley.
3D Printing Arises: Golden Valley's STEM Legacy edit
Alexandra Abdo, Staff Writer- Campus News • June 1, 2023
The Impacts of Driving Under the Influence
Jacob Issa, Staff Writer- Arts, Media, & Culture News • May 26, 2023
Desalination: The last hope for a drying state
Claire Brounsten, Staff Writer- Community News • May 22, 2023
Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Banner

Top Flags: Thailand, China, The Philippines, Hawaii, Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Thailand

Bottom Flags: Japan, Brunei, Taiwan, Hmong, Jordan, Bhutan, Hong Kong, Japan
Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Veniz Rahon and Kayla Vann-Argana June 2, 2023

The United States observe Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month in the Month of May. AAPI consists of groups in relation to approximately...

Taken at Valenica Regal Edwards Valencia movie theater.
'Scream' 6 Review
Danellie McIntyre, Veniz Rahon, and Ashley Chinchilla May 25, 2023

On March 10, 2023, Scream VI was released as the newest sequel to Scream V from 2022. This sequel has a new budget, a bigger cast, and even more...

Countdown to Next Football Game !!
GV VS. Valencia
come out and watch
Frosh Soph Championships
Track & Field Season in a Flash
Brandon Castillo, Staff Writer- Sports News • May 23, 2023

Adrenaline kicked in for these athletes as soon as they stepped on the track; they trained hard and broke through their limits, resulting in...

2021-2022 Swim Team after a meet
Deep Dive into Swim’s 2021-2022 Season!
Danielle Luna, Copy Editor • May 22, 2023

Coming back from quarantine was hectic for the Class of 2022. As a result, last year’s seniors didn’t get to experience their final year...

Ajani Smith and the rest of the team lining up for the National Anthem
Journey to the best football season in Golden Valley History
Donteo James-Williams, Staff Writer- Sports News • May 17, 2023

Playing football for Golden Valley has giving me a great experience throughout high school. I came into into the 9th grade no knowing anything...

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