A short poem about the way people choose to compare.
A short poem about the way people choose to compare.
Janai Holland

Some caterpillars have to be moths

They can’t all be butterflies

But that doesn’t mean the beauty of a moth doesn’t exist.

I would approach a moth over a butterfly anyday.

Their colors are just as vibrant,

And shown in a different way.

Their patterns stick out just as much,

Yet butterflies are considered prettier.

Both symbolize new beginnings or hope,  

But the butterfly is the one being chased.

Instead of swatted away,

Some people like both and for that,

The art of transformation is grateful.

About the Contributor
Janai Holland
Janai Holland, Section Editor
Janai Holland, is currently a senior and a Section Editor on the Campus News Team for the Grizzly Gazette.  She is in two diffrent levels of theater. Theater two is children's theater which requires me to have a good personality and be very energetic and theater three is the main stage production, which is the play produced for the school. She is very passionate about storytelling, poetry, and music. She is a part of Golden valleys new clubs, Fables and Films. She is a current member of NSHSS. She is very excited to talk about the Golden Valley community in general, which may include details about new and upcoming clubs, our arts department, and give insight on some students and topics we as a community are unaware about. Writing about these topics will not only be compelling to write about but it will also captivate our audience and give them more information that is valuable to them. Being a student journalist allows her to gain a better understanding of where she goes everyday along with trying to give this same understanding if not a better one to the people in our community.