Family Tree

Family Tree

You do not understand

I work twenty four hours a day

Yet you, yes you
Think it is not enough

You irritated by draps of cloth on the floor, laying for decades

Shelves filled fuzzy grime and smears of water glistening on the hardwood floor

Use me like a dog to declutter your disorder

Yet you, yes you

Wonder why my piles of papers keep adding

And the files of our past keep leaving

Remember our fluttering moments of joy

Now constant monotonous thoughts and actions

Its you, yes you

Yet you, yes you

Are a permanent leaf within my tree of life

Which I wish would decay over time

About the Contributor
Jada Abdon
Jada Abdon, Staff Writer
Jada Abdon is a senior at Golden Valley and one of the Community staff writers for the Grizzly Gazette. She's extremely attentive with each task. She enjoys partaking in music, fine arts, plus creative endeavors. Throughout high school she has developed an infatuation with science and writing defining her passion. She has been involved in CSF, National Honor Society, and has been actively doing community service for the past four years. She has been part of the Golden Valley Grizzly Marching Band all through high school. With almost a decade of musical experience playing flute along with an artistic passion she hopes to dive into the following themes. She believes the significance of a journalist provides a wide range of freedom, granting a voice for herself and bearing the responsibility to be as informative as possible to audiences. In her spare time she enjoys playing instruments, playing with her three dogs (two jack Russell and a Labrador), and tending to her farm of chickens.