Megan Moreno: A point scoring machine on the court

Megan Moreno amazing serve on September 28th.
Megan Moreno amazing serve on September 28th.
Sophia Walker

Megan Moreno: A point scoring machine on the court

Golden Valley’s Girls Volleyball has a star on the court. Senior Captain Megan Moreno leads the grizzlies attack this year with explosive swings. Moreno averaged 14 kills (points) per game while scoring amazing aces on the court, averaging 5 aces per game.

Since girls volleyball takes place in the fall semester, Moreno had the chance to play for the Los Angeles Volleyball Academy in the spring. This allowed Megan to not only improve her hitting, but her passing, and her serving. These are all skills useful to succeed during the foothill league.


The whole varsity team congratulating each other for trying their hardest on September 28. (Sophia Walker)

During the pre-season, the program has been very successful, giving Megan a chance to shine. It also shows the foothill league what they are really up against, showing why she’s one of the best in the league.

A big change we see in this year’s lineup is seeing Megan go from playing middle, to playing outside this year. When interviewed about why the switch in her senior year, Coach Sean stated, “I supported this switch because it benefitted the team’s numbers, attacking and passing wise, so it convinced me”. Megan has been very successful in her new position and keeps excelling as time goes on. It seems that the switch was very successful for the Grizzlies.

Megan is not only a weapon on the court, but she is also an academic weapon.


The team cheering for the playing girls on September 28th. (so)

When asked what school she’d like to attend, and what to study, Megan said, “Hopefully to go to Pepperdine and study nursing” and as for her volleyball career she hopes to play after high school, and hopefully go to a college where she can play.

Mr. Johnson, the teacher of record for the Girls volleyball program; shared his thoughts on how the season is going. “So far it’s been up and down. They’ve had some good matches and they’ve had some games where they struggled”, now that season is halfway done; the girls have a record of 3-5 in the league, showing that the team has a lot of potential. The Grizzlies are expecting to come back with a win against Valencia.

After losing to Valencia the first time they played this year, one of Megan’s goals has been to beat Valencia the next time they meet. If Golden Valley wins, not only will it be a win against Valencia, but it would be one step closer to playoffs.

The girls Senior Night will be against Valencia Oct. 9th at 5:15 PM. Make sure to be there to support our senior grizzlies, as the team wishes them all the best.

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