Bringing Light to the Hart District Teachers Association rally

Sep 18, 2023- Teachers holding a sign in protest of wages.
Sep 18, 2023- Teachers holding a sign in protest of wages.
Sherry Cardenas

On September 13, the HDTA, or the Hart District Teachers Association, rallied together at the Hart School District building, fighting for higher wages after the Board’s negotiating team revealed that their initial negotiations offer did not include any raises for teachers or staff.

Ms. McCann, Golden Valley’s librarian, states “the District does send a financial report to us to try to make it transparent, but it seems like there’s excess money that could be used for a raise.” According to the information given by the HDTA Union leaders, the Hart District has an extra $90 million dollars, making the teachers concerned. What are they spending this money on? Dr. Cherise Moore, a Governing Board member, told The Grizzly Gazette that, “Salaries are a part of that, and it’s complicated. The pie is only so big and has a lot of slices.”


Sep 18, 2023- Teachers line up in protest of wages in Santa Clarita. (Sherry Cardenas)

However, how are our teachers feeling about this conflict? McCann reveals that this situation “is depressing, because I know myself, my fellow teachers, that love coming to work and our jobs and it just makes you feel like ‘oh you’re not worth any kind of raise.’” It is safe to say that other educators at GV and in the District may feel the same way.

The HDTA asked for around an 8% salary increase to deal with the cost of living adjustments. McCann states that she has to take her kid to before and after school care; prices have gone up and she finds it harder to manage when there is no given raise from the District.

Sep 18, 2023- Teachers line up in protest of wages in Santa Clarita. (Sherry Cardenas)


A large group of Hart District teachers expressed their disbelief of the negotiating team’s decision by uniting in front of the district office. The teachers there were surrounded by a very positive and encouraging mood. They were “not trying to harass… just let us know our presence, that we’re here” and wanted the Board to hear and see them. Everyone was aiming towards a common goal and with McCann’s 23rd year in the district, she felt like it was a mini reunion with the other teachers that were present.

Dr. Moore is in her 6th year on the board and hopes to “continue focusing on student achievement, access, emotional well-being and equity… address long time facility needs across the district.” We hope to see further unity between the Governing Board and teachers to work together on any conflicts or obstacles that may trouble our district.


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