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Sep 16, 2023- Event officials consult with health experts at the Santa Clarita health fair inside the Golden Valley High School gym.
Sep 16, 2023- Event officials consult with health experts at the Santa Clarita health fair inside the Golden Valley High School gym.
Evan Soukup

The Santa Clarita community health fair is an event that took place here at Golden valley High school.The Fair happened on September 16th 2023. This event is good to bring together healthcare professionals and local organizations to promote health in the Santa Clarita Valley. It gave people a chance for people to have a number of health services. During the fair there were Healthcare professionals.

Sep 16, 2023- Health fair tables are set up as experts check up on patients. (Santa Clarita residents) (Evan Soukup)

The health fair did provide health screenings, blood pressure checks, cholesterol tests, and glucose monitoring. The health screenings did supply guests with helpful and understanding information on their health.

The fair did provide Mental health support.There were professionals to help those in need of support. They did have therapy sessions, and for managing stress. Since social media has a big impact on kids mental health and with the inclusion of drugs(vaping).

During the time of the fair there were fitness coaches to show guests how to improve themselves. The guests were shown how to exercise and other activities that promote physical health. The sessions are good for all ages. These good health choices will show visitors how to eat healthy.

Sep 16, 2023- Residents sit down to get ready to listen to a speaker on heath at the Santa Clarita health fair. (Evan Soukup)

Engagement with the community is important for the health fair. People can connect with the healthcare staff. The visitors could have had a chance to learn about local health care here. During the fair guests could have gotten brochures, pamphlets and other things to learn about health.

The community health fair is a good choice for health management. The guests have learned ways to keep others and themselves healthy. With guests visiting the fair, Santa Clarita can be a safe place for everyone.


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