La Mesa Night: Who are the Future Musicians in the GV Marching Band?

La Mesa students in the stands, October 26 2023 at Canyon High School.
La Mesa students in the stands, October 26 2023 at Canyon High School.
John Dominguez

La Mesa students in the advanced and beginning band were welcomed by the Golden Valley marching band and color guard to play together during a football game at Canyon High School on October 26, 2023. This is a yearly event that allows the La Mesa band to get a taste of what the Golden Valley marching band is about.

Inspiration: The Spark to Join
When asked if a specific event inspired them to join, La Mesa flutist E’mone Anthony, said, “I’ve watched the most recent Golden Valley Marching Band shows and ones over the years.”

Another La Mesa flutist, Paige Taylor introduces her dad in the interview. She notes, “My dad used to play the soprano saxophone and I was like, you know what, I like it too.”

Emily Doroteo keeps music in her family, October 26 2023 at Canyon High School. (John Dominguez)

Cody Chaze, a clarinetist, mentions, “My sister is in this marching band. Seeing her performances made me feel like I wanna join.” He brings up the Wildcat Classic Marching Band Competition hosted by the West Ranch High School music department. This event invites schools across southern California. Cody said, “When they [Golden Valley] got first place it made me happy.”

Malin Rodriguez a flutist backtracks to elementary watching music concerts by the Golden Valley and La Mesa band. She says, “I watched them perform and it was really inspiring.”

Being Committed
Marching band just like any other activity takes dedication and hours of rehearsal. To face this, E’mone highlights, “practicing every day.” She further explains, “I have this system where for three hours, I practice on my flute and then I take a one-hour break, then back to practicing.”

Paige also mentions hours of practice but with a different approach. Paige states, “I usually Facetime my friends and we practice together.”

Cody recognizes the challenges of extracurriculars and school life. He says, “I’m gonna try to balance my work and band.”

Passion: What is a Band?
Band is an extracurricular activity that extends outside musicality. Musicians develop a sense of expression by being involved in their community.

When asked about what being in band meant to them, E’mone said, “It’s a lot of fun, and I really like expressing myself while on the field in front of people.” E’mone highlights band to be uniquely distinct, offering the opportunity to be, “Expressing yourself in different ways other than ASB or art.”

Rishik Pulipaka, playing the snare drum, October 26 2023 at Canyon High School. (John Dominguez)

Cody views band as more than just a musical outlet, describing it as, “something I can express myself with my instrument and it’s something I have fun with cause it’s a really cool experience” He says, “It’s very memorable especially when I have my friends.”

The La Mesa Band can all agree to be, “one big family,” stated Giselle Cruz, and, “a safe place,” Malin Rodriguez adds.

This event constructs a memory for La Mesa students to reminisce on as well as the musicians in Golden Valley. Although these students aren’t officially in the band (yet), this tradition paves a path for future musicians in the spotlight.


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