Shine Some Light on Golden valleys: BSU

India Watson (Far right with the microphone), one of BSUs officers, hosts a Family Feud tournament between their members, photo take on November 16th, 2023 at Golden Valley High School.
India Watson (Far right with the microphone), one of BSU’s officers, hosts a Family Feud tournament between their members, photo take on November 16th, 2023 at Golden Valley High School.
Dylan Vo

Shine Some Light on Golden Valley’s BSU

Meeting every Thursday at lunch in room 210 is the Black Student Union (BSU). This club is all about empowering the minds of young students through their inclusive well throughout activities and discussions. It is led by their president Tina Umassor and co-vice presidents Dara Faladon and Akina Ma’at.

“I was an active member throughout high school,” states . Tina, BSU President, hopes to teach students to “advocate for themselves and obstruct stereotypes.”. On the other hand, the next two leaders, co vice presidents Dara Faladon and Akina Ma’at, have their own goals in mind. Faladon wishes to “expand the club” along with Ma’at wishes to gain “more student engagement”.

India Watson (Far right with the microphone), one of BSU’s officers, hosts a Family Feud tournament between their members, photo take on November 16th, 2023 at Golden Valley High School. (Dylan Vo)

This empowering club thrives on well thought-out conversations and opinions between students. Although the club is centered around culture, there are plenty of fun and unique activities; such as slideshows, which are “hilarious, insightful, and meaningful.” Faladon states. Speaking about insight, BSU helps students advance in their ability to understand and connect with diffrent cultures through open ended discussions.

These discussions vary from significant topics, from the absence of African American celebrities winning in award ceremonies to the professionalism of bonnets and or hair scarves.

When it comes to award ceremonies, like the Emmys or Grammys, it is very rare that African Americans artists and actors are picked as winners. BSU took this idea and turned it into an activity for students to enjoy, “We had them pick African American celebrities they think should win,” stated Faladon. It’s activities that make this club so powerful, and “my favorite part at the club is the sense of community” Ma’at expressed.

Each member and leader is pleased with the amount of participation they experience. However, even after achieving many of their goals, they still wish to expand. “This year I am really glad that there are more lower classmen that joined the club,” expressed Umassor.

BSU has existed for many years throughout the community, but we have yet to see them all come together. Leaders are working to “collaborate with BSU’s across the district,” explains Faladon. Not only in this club, but BSU also wishes to connect with others throughout the community. At GV, BSU aspires to participate more throughout school events. “There has been extreme growth and I am proud that this club is a safe space for black students on campus,” Ma’at expressed.

If you are looking for an outlook on the diverse African American cultures, stereotypes, and rights, BSU is a club that can help students inside and outside gain awareness of this culture. This club “presents slideshows on topics that cover many different things in the black community, as well as other activities such as debates, games, and contests,” explains Ma’at, and are grateful for all new members. feel free to join through Google classroom with the code: wtcvdyh.

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