The Top New Jazz Artist In Modern Music: Samara Joy

Samara Joy won a Grammy for best new artist, and her jazz album Linger Awhile. Her career as a jazz artist was already successful, but after this it really took off.
Samara Joy won a Grammy for best new artist, and her jazz album “Linger Awhile.” Her career as a jazz artist was already successful, but after this it really took off.
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During the Grammys, hosted on January 5, 2023, Samara Joy shocked the world of music by winning not one, but two Grammys. Samara Joy has been a huge name in the recent modern Jazz scene, known for blending old school Jazz with hints of modern R&B.

Even before winning her Grammy, Samara Joy was a very accomplished Jazz vocalist, winning the Sarah Vaughn International Jazz Vocal Competition. In addition to this, in 2021 continuing into 2022, she toured the U.S.. In her tour, she had bookings at the 2022 Monterey Jazz Festival– one of the largest Jazz festivals in the nation– Lincoln Center Summer For The City’s Jazz Underground series, and more festivals on the same tour.

Background: This aspiring Jazz Artist was born on November 11, 1999. She is a 24 year old Jazz vocalist based in Castle Hill New York.

Samara Joy’s success sort of started with her posting videos online. She had released a number of videos that went viral, including one that reached 1.5 million views. These videos gained her over 200,000 followers on TikTok and led to her to have the audience she does now.

The Grizzly Gazette conducted an interview with interviewees Kiera Rubenstein and Sophia Perez, both 9’th graders rhat go to Golden Valley High School are both listeners of Samara Joy. Both of them have listened to Samara joy for only about 6 months. They discovered her after she had won her Grammys. Both listen to her on a daily basis, and Samara’s music is something both consider exemplary and touching. From Keira Rubenstein: “She’s definitely a new female jazz voice that people can look up to.” From Sophia Perez: “I think her Grammy will bring back the popularity of jazz music.”

With Samara Joy’s newly found fame from her Grammy winnings, many more people have started listening to her music. On Spotify, she has 963,000+ listeners, and that number is continuing to grow. The future of Jazz looks bright with new artists like Samara Joy entering the scene, and this award winning artist will serve as an inspiration to many Jazz artists to come.

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