Love at Golden Valley

Love is in the air, Grayson Clarck, Sophia Marks
Love is in the air, Grayson Clarck, Sophia Marks
Noa Prothais

Cupid has shot its arrow at Golden Valley this Valentine’s Day. Many students can be seen walking around with large baskets, flowers, candy, and stuffed animals. ASB Valentine’s grams were seen handed out during classes with small roses attached to them. The teachers at Golden Valley are also celebrating this day of love by wearing pink or red. Teachers like Miss. Maimone passed out sweet treats like candy and cookies. We went around Golden Valley asking Students about their plans for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

“ I plan on eating all the different types of candies I’ve gotten from my friends and spending time with my secret admirer….My Cat Louis,” said Sophia Walker.

“My plans for Valentine’s Day are to grab our favorite drinks at Boba with my boyfriend and go to Barnes and Noble to pick out some new books. After all these activities, we plan to end the night with a murder documentary together,” said Sophia Marks

“After School, I plan to have dinner with my boyfriend Pablo and go to bible study together at Grand Central Collective,” Haylie Adame.

“My plan for Valentine’s Day is to finish grading my students’ essays because I love reading my student’s writing. After school, hold intervention and help other students, then go home and order some takeout and do some pottery painting,” said Miss. Mamoine.

Others talked about going bowling together, going to MB2 for mini golf, Painting together, and a candlelight dinner. If you don’t have any plans this Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas that might help you. At Chick-fil-A, they are selling heart-shaped trays filled with chicken nuggets, cookies, brownies, and small Chicks-n-Minis. Spend a day at Six Flags or watch a movie with your friends or pets. Everyone from the Grizzly Gazette wishes everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!

About the Contributors
Adrian Ramos, Section Editor
Adrian Ramos, more commonly known as Ramos is a senior at Golden Valley High School as well as the Section Editor of the Journalism sports team. He has been involved in different kinds of sports like baseball, football, and even golf since he was around 6. Ramos is also a 4-year football player and was awarded the Coaches Award his sophomore year. He has recently been involved in Sports medicine to learn more about sports-related treatments and injuries. Sports have been important to Ramos all His life and he continues to follow coverage of sports as a hobby. He wishes to teach others and influence others to learn about different sports or to even join them. He likes keeping up with the community as well as telling the truth to the community. He has lived in California all his life and is looking to continue his education at a 4-year university to one day become a Social worker.
Noa Prothais, Staff Writer
Noa Prothais is in 10th grade, she is bilingual in French and english. She is a staff writer on the Sports News Team for the Grizzly Gazette. Outside of school work Noa is part of the XC and Track team, and after school she does ballet. She's on varsity for both Track and XC and has been doing ballet for almost 9-10 years. After only doing track for a few months last year she went to CIF. Being an athlete she’s very passionate about writing sports so that she can hopefully share the journey of individual teams or student athlete, she wants to be able to share about personal records and team environment to encourage the respect and time it takes to commit to a sport, she’d also like to write about student spotlight stories or CEPAT, because it involves more than one topic. She really wants to be part of the grizzly gazette to learn more about this profession to hopefully pursue this in the future. She loves writing, running, and dancing, occasionally drawing.