Winter Bash: Was It a Night to Remember

Winter Bash: Was It a Night to Remember

Golden valley hosted their first official dance of the year. Winter bash, or better known as Winter Formal, was held January 27th. Students were able to enjoy music, food, and other activities along with a new take on the dance which allowed students from AOC (Academy of the Canons) to attend. Students came into the event with high expectations, making them enjoy their enchanted night even more.

Beginning to an Enchanted Night

“I started thinking about it over the summer because I knew I would be in charge of it,” states Brianna Bonfiglio, the sophomore class president. Putting together the winter bash takes a lot of preparation, those coordinating it have to decide the theme, and pick whether or not the dance should be 100% formal.

This year most of the focus was on what students wanted: “I sent out a survey, and people told me they mainly wanted music and food” Bonfiglio states.

Music and food were not the only things students were given. The week of the dance ASB held a spirit week filled with amusing themes both students and teachers could participate in. Ending with bibbidi bobbidi boo switch Friday, where students could dress as teachers, and teachers could dress as some of their students. Dressing up was not the only thing students had to look forward to, Friday ASB also hosted their winter rally in order to get the campus dreaming about the night that was yet to come.

“I go to the rally to spend time with friends and enjoy the talent our school has to offer” Makayla Turansky, a senior at Golden Valley states. Students were filled with enjoyment from performances by the dance team, Ballet Folklorico, and even some of the students from the crowd, building up to the performance we were all waiting for.

Walk Through the Enchanted forest

This year’s winter bash had an abundance of activities. Upon entering, students were not only greeted with a remarkably decorated gym, but also, a photo booth, pool tables, along with a few games students could enjoy outside.“My favorite part of the dance was the photo booth and pool tables”stated Turansky.

The dance floor was not for everyone, making it hard for students to feel the need to participate in such events. Luckily this year’s Sophomore Class President was looking out for everyone.“I just wanted an area where people could chill if they weren’t necessarily there to dance”Bonfiglio states.

Speaking of dancing, the Dj made a comeback with their music from homecoming to the winter bash. When asked about their set, students gave the Dj an overall score of 5.5 out of 10. Apart from the DJ, one thing that surpassed students’ expectations was the food. This year there were plenty of options for food, “I made food one of my main goals because it is what students seem to care about most” Stated Bonfiglio. Options for food included Pretzels, Popcorn, Candy bar, Churros, and a taco truck feeding into everyone’s wants and needs.

Students really enjoyed the taco truck, but the snacks were their favorite, allowing students to grab quickly, “My favorite snack was definitely the popcorn, the pretzels were also good but I’m used to Auntie Anne’s,” Dakota Zumsteg a junior at Golden Valley stated. With things like snacks and small activities students could enjoy this was definitely a dance many would remember.

Past, present and future expectations.

Students were very pleased, having them wonder what the dance will look like next year.
“I look forward to helping the next person, I really appreciated having a mentor” Bonfiglio states. Every year there are changes that make the dances more enjoyable for students and teachers . This year teachers along with students dressed according to the theme making the event even more memorable.“It is an excuse to get out of the house; there is no reason not to go” Bonfiglio states. Although the theme and expectations for next year’s dance have not been set, that does not mean people shouldn’t consider attending the event

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