Checkmate! A GVHS Chess Club Spotlight

Christopher Ong (Left) and Sarah Zahid (Right) enjoying a game of chess during a club meeting, photo taken on February 2nd, 2024 at Golden Valley High School. (Dylan Vo)
Christopher Ong (Left) and Sarah Zahid (Right) enjoying a game of chess during a club meeting, photo taken on February 2nd, 2024 at Golden Valley High School. (Dylan Vo)
Dylan Vo

Golden Valley High School’s Chess Club is one of the school’s most recent additions to the CLORG roster. Founded by Jasmine Kao in 2021, the club seeks to expand itself by welcoming additional members, hosting more tournaments, and hiring new officers for upcoming years.

The chess club’s roots can be traced back to 2021, a year when the COVID-19 pandemic was still a worldwide conflict. When students and staff returned to education within classrooms, President and Founder of the Chess Club Jasmine Kao envisioned a club where students could relax and enjoy a game of chess with friends. This vision led to her creation of the club and the election of its leaders, including Vice President Jacob Lokitis Jr. and Treasurer Jimi Olotu.

Despite being his first time having a leadership role in a club, Olotu expresses his positive experiences with it, saying “This is the first time I’ve had an officer position in a club. It’s been a real learning experience for me. It’s a very special club and leading all our members has been really fun for me.”

A GV Chess Club meeting usually consists of not only games of chess, but also students hanging out and having fun. Here is what that would like: Photo taken on February 2nd, 2024 at Golden Valley High School. (Dylan Vo) (Dylan Vo)

While the primary activity in Chess Club is chess, it isn’t just limited to that. Students also have the options of spectating other people’s chess games, hanging out with friends, or getting caught up on assignments and homework.

If you’re interested in joining the club but don’t know how to play chess, don’t worry. Every officer along with many of its members are more than happy to show you the ropes of how the game works and how each piece moves.

While every officer desires more members, they also have their own set of goals in mind as well. Since the club’s first ever chess tournament was a huge success, Lokitis Jr. and Olotu’s primary goal is to host a second one, as well as “keeping the club running forever!” Kao on the other hand, has a more long-term goal in mind: “In 2025 after me and the other officers graduate, I would like to have a great group of officers who can take on the legacy we started, and maybe even have the club grow into something bigger than what it is now.” expressed Kao.

If you’re an underclassman seeking a leadership role or are interested in chess, consider running for an officer position in GV’s chess club as there will be many vacant positions starting in 2025. If you’re not seeking a leadership role and are just seeking a club where you can turn your brain off until your next period, Chess Club holds their meetings on Fridays at lunch in Room 409. As a final word from Lokitis Jr, he openly states that “We’re open arms. Come in, have some fun and play chess with us!”

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