Prom Prices and the Passion for Prom

Never miss your chance to dance! Buy your prom tickets now!
Never miss your chance to dance! Buy your prom tickets now!
Ashlynn Escobar

Come on down to the Bayou, and enjoy your special night at prom. After a long wait, prom is now officially dated! On Friday April 26th, 2024, join your friends at LA Zoo.

Starting March 19, 2024, prom tickets will be $180 without gold card, and $170 with gold card.The couple tickets are priced to be $340. Last day to purchase tickets for prom will be March 29,2024. Before purchasing your ticket don’t forget to approach your AP, Librarian, and ASB for your clearances.

Students all ready to have fun at prom while waiting to purchase their tickets. (Ashlynn Escobar)

Lines at the ASB office are long, showing genuine support for the event. But, there’s always disagreement coming from other students. When asking juniors and seniors their opinions on prom, the location was a major criticism. “I feel like the destination of the prom is not good because of the zoo” Akina Ma’at, a senior at Golden Valley. Many students don’t realize there’s another part to the venue of La Zoo. Even with the criticism, prom looks promising.

Prom tickets are now ready and available! Don’t forge to check out the Golden Valley announcements in the quad (Ashlynn Escobar)

Junior and Seniors are allowed to attend the prom. Although, if you get invited as an underclassmen, you are more than welcome to join. GV Senior Za’Nyah Calhoun mentioned, “I’m excited to see the decorations for the theme, because I think princess and the frog is very creative, and I’m excited to see what ASB is going to do with that.”

With a terrific theme, and an intriguing and promising prom around the corner! The next question is… have you gone shopping yet?

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Alexis Patricio Herrera, Staff Writer
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Ashlynn Escobar
Ashlynn Escobar, Staff Writer
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