Phone Games: could they be the answer to hindering school work?

Cell phones, along with the games that can be installed on them, are a common distraction for students who are trying to get their schoolwork done. - Photo taken on March 15th, 2024 at Golden Valley High School
Cell phones, along with the games that can be installed on them, are a common distraction for students who are trying to get their schoolwork done. – Photo taken on March 15th, 2024 at Golden Valley High School
Dylan Vo

Cell Phones have existed since the year of 1973. From being a whole brick to carry around, to now being a little computer in the palm of your hand. Time really does fly. Since schools allow us to bring our phones to school, many students are heavily distracted during class time. Many students decide to play phone games instead of working.

When it comes to playing games or watching YouTube, many students at Golden Valley usually come into class and either do one of two things: sit down and begin writing their project/assignments, or spend an eternity on their phone till the period ends. Why are students stuck on their phones to the point where they don’t do their work?

To begin, students from gen-ed classes have many teachers who don’t bother asking students to put them away. Rather they hope they’ll get to work either tomorrow, or will grade their papers as missing so the students get on top of those certain assignments.

Michael Bunch, a teacher at Golden Valley instilled a phone policy into their classroom, to which he stated, “The human brain can only focus on one or two things at a time effectively. Learning requires attention. Many, I think, welcome not being distracted by constant notifications, texts, and applications demanding their attention. ”

While writing this article, The Grizzly Gazette asked students to answer honestly whether or not they play games on their phones instead of doing school work. To get an exact number in my mind 22 students here at Golden Valley were sampled. Out of the 22 students, 10 answered yes and 12 answered no leaving it at a whopping 52/48 percentage ratio.

While discussing with students around campus, One of the students that were asked, Joshua Barrios commented about the question, to which he stated, “as someone who does both spend time on (the) phone and do work, it’s a mixture of both really. Kids will get their work done but the real problem comes from those who stay on it the whole class period and will not get any work done.”

Many students handle being on task more. However, many are guilty of this occasion. However, many wish those who play on their phones to please at least get some work done ahead of time so it’s better to have assignments done instead of slacking off.

Doing stunts in class like that aren’t a good look for you, nor the teachers.

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