Feed Your Eyes with the Little Shop of Horrors Musical!!

Seymour and Audrey falling more deeply in love during Suddenly Seymour.
Seymour and Audrey falling more deeply in love during “Suddenly Seymour”.
Ashlynn Escobar

Golden Valley High School theater program wants to grab your attention with the new spring musical of 2024 Little Shop of Horrors. The show dates are April 17, 18, and 19!! GO WATCHHH!

Little Shop of Horrors is about how the flower shop assistant, Seymour Rick Morales, slowly falls in love with his co-worker, Audrey Ellen Greene. During an eclipse, Seymour finds a plant and decides to name it Audrey II. The only thing is, this plant is not a normal plant; he feeds on human flesh and blood. The growing plant is attracting a lot of business to the previously struggling store. When Seymour feeds Audrey’s boyfriend, Orin Steve Martin, into the factory after Orin’s accidental death, he must come up with more corpses for the increasingly bloodthirsty plant.

Seymour played by Nick Hicks and Audrey played by Anna Tatlock are dueting “Suddenly Seymour” in Act 2! (Ashlynn Escobar)

At Golden Valley High School, junior Anna Tatlock is playing the lead of Audrey. Tatlock states that, “When I first found out I got the role probably just having that big of an opportunity. Because I haven’t had that big of a character before and it’s just super exciting.” Tatlock also mentioned that, “One thing I think the audience will love and will look forward to is hearing Audrey II voice [Due to the actor not being on stage],” and is also excited about her accent and high pitched voice she uses when acting.

Another junior at Golden Valley High School, Nick Hicks, plays the lead of Seymour. Hicks explains that this is “ one of my favorite roles and I love performing with my friends.” Hicks stated that guests should be excited for all the songs, “Especially Get It! With the plant it’s the funniest part.”

If you are interested or thinking about joining theater, director Amanda Hubbell has some amazing advice that “Once you let go of worrying about whether you’ll look silly, you end up being able to do lots of cool things. You don’t become a good actor by hiding from things that make you nervous.”

What should the audience be most excited to see?

“We have an incredibly talented cast. Everyone has worked so hard, and there’s a lot of great performances on and off stage that I’m very lucky to be able to showcase. We’ve got a really killer plant, too!” Hubbell also mentioned.

Interested in going to watch the musical, click the link here to buy your tickets!!

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