2024 Elections A repeat of The 2020 elections

2024 Elections!
2024 Elections!

The 2024 elections are almost here! Are you voting blue or voting red? The United States is dependent on your vote, as both parties have their pros and cons. The main candidates for this year’s election are Donald J.Trump and Joe Biden. The other candidates for Republicans are Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, and VIvek Ramaswam. For the Democrats, Joe Biden is the only main candidate. The New York Times said most of Trump’s Challengers ended their campaigns before a single vote was casted.

Sources from CNN show the Electoral College map for the most common party affiliation in each state. In the election the Republican party is leading.The Democratic party has 225, and the Republican party has 272 votes.

There are three states that have not voted on both parties. The states that were undecided are Arizona,Wisconsin,and Pennsylvania. According to the leading votes Trump has 63 and Haley has 19. Nikki Haley was the only other candidate running as a Republican in this campaign During the election but she also dropped out, Ron and VIvek have also dropped out.Both VIvek and Ron Didn’t have enough votes to keep going.Ron had 9 and VIvek had 6 and Nikki had 91. Nikki Haley says she “is running until the last person votes”.

A source, Newsmax, is said that “Nikki Haley might come to an end”. The Trump campaign has stated, “that her campaign might end February 23rd, 2024.” Trump aligned Haley with the Democrats, and she accused Trump of getting close to the Russian President, Valdimer Putin, with a suspicious death. The death was an opposing Russian leader. On March 6th 2024 Nikki Haley ended campaign. She ended her campaign after losing it all. She lost her home state South carolina to Trump

Something the Trump campaign has said is,“Nikki doesn’t represent the Republicans.”Nikki is more aligned with democrats than republicans. Nikki Haley went on Newsmax Thursday, February 22nd, and said that “Voters can like Trump, but can’t win with him.”

There was a poll for registered voters which showed that 70% of voters said that Biden is too old to run. There was a split decision between Trump-Biden,“Biden has more empathy towards the people and Trump was physical and walk off the stage”. This quote was from a newsmax article. Biden is the only one because the other candidate was too far behind.This can affect people that don’t like what they do or what they say. It can affect certain communities. It can also affect other relations with other countries. Depending on who it is, it can affect the economy.

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