American Schools, The Most Well Crafted Education In The World

Exterior of Golden Valley High School February 2023
Exterior of Golden Valley High School February 2023
Chris Melkonian

America harbors some of the BEST education the whole world can provide. Students are jubilous to learn subjects that are extremely useful in their everyday lives, causing our generation to grow in intellect even farther, and set them up for a successful future!

Everyday, millions of students excitedly enter their schools to learn about some of the most helpful subjects education has to offer! Such as human geography, European history, calculus, and the thought provoking AP classes by Collegeboard!

Our education system is so exceptional that we’re stagnant in our educational growth! Kimberly Amadeo, a writer at “the balance” mentions that “U.S. students’ math skills have remained stagnant for decades. The country is falling behind many others which have greatly improved, such as Japan, Poland, and Ireland. U.S. test scores are below the global average.” This growth for our country is truly astonishing, especially when you remember that the U.S is the world power!

Not only that, but American’s evolution intellectually is truly jaw dropping! Daniel De Vise, a writer for “The Hill” mentions “Cognitive abilities declined between 2006 and 2018 across three of four broad domains of intelligence, the study found.” This is such a large step towards the future of our education system! What are some of the thoughts students have about our perfect system?

America has the best system to measure intellect in the classroom, the letter grading system. Alex Chavez, a student at Golden Valley, was asked about his opinion on our intellectual grading system stating that “I think the grading works, it could use some refinement, but then again, anything could use refinement.”

Alex’s enlightening testimony shares with us that students somewhat grasp how wonderful our grading system is. Furthermore, it shows that most people cannot completely understand the intricate structure of our flawless grading system.

Our grading system promotes consistent performance of the highest quality, without the worry that one bad test would ruin your grade! This is a beautifully crafted idea, it promotes a perfectionist mindset for students which is an extremely healthy mindset to have during your highschool and college years.

Another Golden Valley student, Jose Ulloa ignorantly stated that our education system is awful. His rationale for this slander was “Some teachers just don’t have the will to teach.” All teachers are extraordinarily qualified in their subjects, and capable of teaching to students with varying needs. They also have extreme passion for their subjects, and teaching as a whole. So this incorrect opinion by this student, simply has a lack of foundation and is purely ignorant.

Due to the indisputable facts that our schools have some of the best tools and techniques in regards to teaching, it harbors conclusive evidence that we in fact have the strongest education system in the entire world.

Our future in regards to education is obviously one where every student thrives and learns deep knowledge that they’ll remember for life.

(This is a satire article, please take this at face value.)

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Ryan Urbina
Ryan Urbina, Staff Writer
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