“NEOM” – The Future of Human Civilization?

A polluted urban city covered in smog
A polluted urban city covered in smog

NEOM is a project in Saudi Arabia that is working to build the world’s first futuristic vacation stay away that the world has never seen before. NEOM is aiming for a futuristic civilization for all their construction projects. The architectural approach that NEOM is trying to reach has not been used as often and there might be a reason why.

NEOM is creating many upcoming futuristic urban areas, with various regions containing STUNNING architecture! A VERY ambitious project, but one that is already becoming a “reality” with a leap towards a new age of modern architecture! This company is creating some of the most REALISTICALLY possible architecture the world has ever seen.

NEOM is creating several regions, each with their own distinct style of architecture. These being, Trojena, The Line, Oxagon, Sindalah, and the Gulf of Aqaba. There will be many places to visit and experience.

The first of these regions, Trojena, a beautiful region located in the mountains of NEOM. In NEOM’s own words, they describe Trojena as “an iconic, world-class destination, blending natural, and developed landscapes, and offering unique human-centric experiences for residents and visitors alike. The destination will house six distinctive clusters that blend real with virtual architectural and engineering innovations to create a destination like no other.” They say all this when the building is still in construction– how confident they are! Trojena offers several experiences, with over a “hundred” indoor and outdoor activities. These include 36 km of land to ski. Skiing in Saudi Arabia– a desert– what a combination!

Another one of their projects, The Line, defines the future of urban civilization. It has great architecture, as it includes two buildings that are parallel lines! It is an astounding 170 kilometers long, and 200 meters wide, and going 500 meters above sea level in height. The end goal is to be able to house 9 million people with completely renewable energy. As well as a perfect year round ideal climate, what a realistic goal!

Everything is accessible via a short walk or transit, making automobiles unnecessary, which increases disposable income for residents, with absolutely no explanation of how this goal will be met. With such ambitious plans, it’s so interesting how confident they are with little to no progress currently in construction!

As of right now, April 18th, The Guardian’s article, states that “According to Bloomberg, the scaling back of the Line comes as the overall Neom budget for 2024 has yet to be approved by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund amid declining cash reserves.” If NEOM’s budget funding does not get approved, this might result in a failed project, to nobody’s surprise!

The Oxagon is a project aiming to “redefine” the industrial model, attempting to create an ecosystem with advanced and clean industries. With of course no explanations on how they’ll accomplish this, as well as no real progress shown towards said goals! In the Oxagon, NEOM is also “pioneering” new technologies with research and innovation that have yet to be shown off! The Oxagon is a dedicated region to driving business and innovation with incentives for businesses to manufacture. How will this be done? What businesses will be included? Nobody knows!

Sindalah is a planned luxury island destination in the Red Sea filled with rich reefs.
Sindalah is destined to become a tourist attraction and hotel stay, and by 2028, they hope to have 2400 daily visitors! Why in 2028, and not now? Because it’s not done, of course! Since they mention that this will be the first region to open, and their most realistic ambition, this may be the first, and last region that’ll somewhat deliver on their blanket of promises!

The Gulf of Aqaba is a geographical area that Saudi Arabia is planning 11 different mega-projects in, on top of their current regions. How realistic! This includes Utamo, a futuristic theater that will contain “unforgettable multi-sensory experiences by the world’s greatest artists”according to NEOM. The visuals advertised by the website are breathtaking, but construction has not even begun so we don’t know how it is going to really look. This applies to everything they’ve shown thus far as well.

Other projects in the Gulf of Aqaba are Leyja, Epicon, Siranna, Norlana, Aquellum, Zardun, Xaynor, Elanan, Gidori, Treyam, all of which are mega-projects that are some of the most ambitious in human history.

To summarize everything that has been said, NEOM is planning around a dozen extremely ambitious projects to attempt to “reimagine” modern architecture. But hey, let’s hear what the people have to say!

Sanuar Sekh, a worker at Sindalah gives the in depth analysis on a public google review of “I am warking here.” While showing photos of a beautiful Sindalah!

Sindalah review 3 from another construction worker

Another user, Mijanur Rahman Lemon mentioned on a public google review that “Just looking like a WOW”. When referring to Sindalah. Such genuine excitement from the worker!

Sindalah review 2 from a construction worker

Another comment from a future visitor, Quint mentions on a public google review that they “Can’t wait to spend 900,000 Dabloons within the span of a week after emitting 1700 tonnes of CO2 in my $50M Yacht just to get here. I love NEOM!”, showing the pure excitement the traveler has for the project!

Review of Sindalah from a future visitor

With all these ambitions and promises, it’s jaw dropping how they haven’t gotten more funding! I mean, all these realistic projects that would be so CHEAP to make and nobody sees the possibilities of how this could propel our architectural industries forward? Surely there’s nothing that can go wrong!

(This article is satire, take everything very seriously.)

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