What is the Athletic Training Program here at Golden Valley?

Patrick Godines talking to senior Christian Patino, at their football game
Patrick Godines talking to senior Christian Patino, at their football game
Noa Prothais

Golden Valley has plenty of sports to participate in year-round. But when players get injured, who takes care of them? That would be our Golden Valley Athletic Training program– but what is it, and what do they do?

The Golden Valley Athletic Training Program is overseen by the current Athletic Trainer, Patrick Godines, and takes place weekly on Wednesdays, after school from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm.

Patrick Godines checking up on TJ, player 70 from Golden Valley (Noa Prothais)

Athletic Training is a part of the CCR patient care pathway. In order to take Athletic Training, a student is required to first take Body Systems, followed by Sports Medicine, where they can then be a part of the Athletic Training program.

There is a lot of skills and knowledge that can be taught and obtained on the Athletic Training path. Godines claims that it is almost impossible to teach everything he knows in under a year. Patrick Godines says, “I share with them as much as I can, and what I think is important for them to learn when they go into college, and the professional world”. There is always more to learn even outside of the classroom, and with athletic training this is even more relevant since it’s an evolving pathway.

Patrick Godines teaching his honors class on body systems and disorders (Noa Prothais)

The Athletic Training class is very heavy on in-class lectures, and hands-on learning. Patrick Godines had his thoughts to share on this topic, he says, “I formatted (the class) to be fun, and engaging for me, and the students…and those who are willing and wanting to go and help me out on the field, they have the skill sets to do it, and now we can refine it on the field.”

The Athletic Training course is a legitimate class but also an elective at the same time. It stands out greatly on UC and CSU applications because it is a CCR class.

There are plenty of benefits to taking the Athletic Training class. Taking the Athletic Training class is a great way to get real-life experience in the medical field, and can be a great way to open doors to other pathways in the medical field. If there are any questions or curiosities and you want to learn more about the GV Athletic Training Program, Mr. Godines’ classroom is located in room 302, and his office is located down by the locker rooms.

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