Trump vs. Biden: A Resource Guide For Understanding this Year’s Repeat of 2020

Trump vs. Biden: A Resource Guide For Understanding this Years Repeat of 2020

The primary elections are still going on now. It started with 10 and ended with two. The only two candidates that are running are former President Donald J.Trump, and President Joe Biden. Just like the 2020 election, one is Democratic and the other is Republican. Will Joe Biden remain as the incumbent, or will Donlad Trump say his oath for the second time?

NBC News shows the delegates of the United States. The delegates to secure a nomination to be a nominee. For Trump to win the nomination he needed 1,215, and he has 1,977 delegates. Biden was required to have 1,968 delegates for his nomination, but in total he has secured 3,061 delegates.

Politico shows updates about what is happening to Donald Trump, the only Republican candidate in the race. During the primary elections, Donald Trump has been tried for allegations that he supposedly did in 2016 and in 2020.He is being charged with 34 felony counts for falsifying business records. Trump has been delaying the trials to focus on launching additional campaigns.

270towin shows the Democrats and Republicans in the states that they have the most votes in. This was from 270towin and it shows the electoral votes from the electoral college. The Republican Party is leading in the electoral votes so far with 235 electoral votes, and the Democratic Party has 226 votes. The map is an interactive map that shows whether or not a state is safe or likely to be safe.

From VOX, the popularity of Trump in the court case has been growing each time they indicate him. On Gallup it shows Biden popularity decreasing, with the primary reason being a decrease in his economy.

After looking at all the stats and information that is out there, Donald J.Trump and the Republicans are most likely going to win the 2024 election.\

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