STREAM Interactive Expo: An Inside Look Into Entrepreneurship, Independent Film, and Community Leaders

Diversity and Equity sign wall decorated by visiting scools and students attending the EXPO

Students were invited to an interactive exposition hosted by STREAM Global on COC’s campus on September 30, 2022. Through interactive exhibitions and industry expert exposure, the event provides opportunities and experience to connect the dots between education and career.

STREAM feature a number of entrepreneurs in the fields of engineering, indie filmmaking, and leaders of mental health focused organizations dedicated to helping their community.

Engineering: The inventor

Entrepreneur Quan Gan, founder and president of ZTag and Gantom, featured his work at the exposition for a hands-on experience with a game he put together himself – ZTag. Using sensory bracelets, the game combines video game technology with tag.

“I’ve been working on products for about 13 years now,” Mr. Gan shared when asked about his journey in entrepreneurship. “Ztag is something I have been working on for about 6 years.”

Having studied electrical and mechanical engineering, Mr. Gan now has products in almost every theme park in the world.

“I’m trying to figure out how to apply theme park technology to the play of everyday kids. I’m a dad, and my eventual goal is to help kids get off their phones.”

Film Production: The Independent Filmmaker

Promoting the art of film, actress and writer Haylee Tucker made an appearance at the exposition. Being the owner of her own production company, she’s written several short films, with a number of them featured in film festivals.

Ms.Tucker’s passion for film making began in high school. She noted that her early work was a venture of trial and error, having only her phone to film and create.

“We get it into our heads that we have to have all this equipment – and yeah, having that can be nice and helpful – but you’re in highschool! My recommendation is just start shooting stuff with your friends. If you get an idea, film it!”

She encourages others to embrace their mistakes and utilize error by moving past it to push forward.

“Fail early and fail often. We’re so worried about getting it perfect and not messing up, but you can learn so much from your mistakes.

— Haylee Tucker, Filmmaker and STREAM Interactive Expo Participant

“Fail early and fail often,” Ms. Tucker added. “We’re so worried about getting it perfect and not messing up, but you can learn so much from your mistakes!”

Making a difference: The leaders of non-profit organization

Newob Outreach is a local non-profit organization with the goal of supporting the under-privileged and introducing the youth to mental health.

Making a tangible difference since early 2021 when the organization first began on Skidrow in Los Angeles, it stays committed to uplifting the unhoused. Assisting in a number of ways to prioritize a community in need, the use of volunteers have made it possible to give back to the homeless with clothes, haircuts, and meals. The program has also orchestrated backpack and holiday drives, boys and girls clubs, and opened multiple opportunities for volunteer work.

Kimberley Bowen, a psychiatrist and contributor to the Newob Outreach, promoted the organization as a feature in the exposition. As a proponent of mental health awareness, she emphasized its importance to familiarize the youth with incorporating mental stability into conversation.

“We don’t really know who we are because we’re constantly changing as we’re affected by every situation that we come across,” Ms. Bowen said, “We’re constantly growing and having to relearn ourselves as we go through life; it’s natural.”