One Of Many Thoughts by Mari Bello Espitia

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Mari Bello Espitia

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I have this. I can do this. I’m so much stronger than my mind leads me to believe. I believe I can turn nothing into something, like pain, into a lesson that guides me through life, finding out what is or what isn’t for me. Every day, I learn about what I don’t want. I hope I’m never close-minded or closed off to my loved ones; I won’t ruin my support system. I know that anything can happen and be torn down in a split second. Especially if I am the person burning it down.

Life is already hard as it is, and I want to be a person – or to have a person – that makes life a lil’ less like a job and more like a privilege. A privilege to feel – to feel the excitement of when someone you like talks to you or makes you shy; or when the slightest smallest saying from a stranger can make your day shine, like when the sun touches mankind with its bright rays upon our sensitive, beautiful skin.

When I think about people, I think about connections and all that makes us human. The imperfections are as much as the perfection of our pure existence. Extraordinarily remarkable to be able to build so much with trust and love. Those innocent little gestures have you replaying them in your head over and over as if it’s not supposed to be the bare minimum. How sad it is to see a beautiful-hearted person be destroyed and let down all because they are begging and wanting someone to give them the little pleasures of life. The good, as much as the bad all into one, inevitably exists.



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