Five Star: Easy Access Digital School ID Launches at Golden Valley


Samantha Sandoval

Kara Shaghoyan, Grade 11, using the 5 Star app to scan into school

Five star is an innovative, easy way to keep track of your activities at school and use your phone to scan into school. Five star student, allows you to keep track of your absences and tardies, where you’ve been and what you’ve done on campus, and see new upcoming activities and events on campus. Most notably, if you ever forget your ID, you can use your phone now!

That’s right!

Five star has a feature called My ID at the bottom right corner of the app. With this feature, you have your ID at your fingertips no matter where you forgot it. With Five Star, even if you forget your ID at home you can still scan from your phone and not have to deal with any loss of privileges or discipline you may get for forgetting your ID.

There’s also numerous cool features on the Five star app besides your ID. For example, on the Activity section, you can see all the fun activities you can do at school and can earn points to get rewards just by participating and having fun!

Assistant principal, Mr. Necessary, has been considering the idea of a digital ID for a while stating, “I’ve been thinking for a long time that if there was a digital version that can provide a convenient option as an alternative…it will never be a replacement for the actual card, but in some situations if there was like an authentic, verifiable, digital version that a can allow scanning in situations to add that level of convenience.”

Golden Valley student, Kara Shaghoyan, Grade 11, opening the 5 star app (Samantha Sandoval)

Students can attend games, rallies, dances, lunch lines and other areas of campus, like the library, more conveniently. Getting access to your physical ID in the moment could be a hassle so ”it can give them some extra functionality so that kids aren’t slowed down or stopped,or the whole event is stopped because they can’t get hold of the physical ID,” added Mr. Necessary.

To get the Five star app, go to your app store on your mobile device. Type in Five star students in the search bar and download the app.

After you’ve installed the app, select your country; it should have options for the United States and Canada. Once you’ve selected your country,select your state, California, then search Golden Valley High School, Santa Clarita, C.A and select your school. After the school selection, type in your ID number and your date of birth; this will take you to a gold screen with the Grizzly logo.

On the top left corner you will see three white icons: Activities, Events, and Web.
On the bottom white banner there will be home. Here,you can see your check in status, rewards, and My ID icon at the very lower right corner.

‘My ID’ is the icon you will use when getting your ID scanned. It has your picture, your ID number and a scanning barcode which you use to scan every morning and around campus.

Genesis Perez, a senior at Golden Valley who already has the app, agrees that there are numerous pros to this new digital ID. She claims that “having that ID you won’t get in trouble; in the lunch lines you’re not gonna be waiting forever for other people; with your ID ready to go you can get into school and games faster.”

Kara Shaghoyan, Grade 11, opening her phone getting ready to scan into school

Overall it’s a convenient quick and multipurpose alternative. Students can use it for speedy movement and not be anxious about accidentally forgetting an ID This is not a replacement but a new asset and tool in addition to your ID.

This is the first year there is a digital option so Mr. Necessary along with the staff, is very excited to announce the all new Five Star App!