All About Winter Formal 2023

GVHS Dance team performing at the WINFO Rally.

Last week, Golden Valley’s ASB revealed the theme of our upcoming winter formal event: A Masquerade ball. This annual event will take place on Saturday, February 11th in Golden Valley’s main gymnasium. This is one of the many fun surprises ASB have announced, and many are looking forward to the event for various reasons.

The theme of Winter formal was a long awaited announcement. Everyone, starting from the first semester, was conspiring about what the theme may be. ASB sophomore president, Brooke Saaverda, who is in charge of the winter formal team said, “My team and I all collectively put our ideas out there but we all kind of collectively loved the Masquerade ball theme. It was something new, something we hadn’t been able to do in the past, so we wanted to try it out.”

Students see this as a great idea Danielle Luna, a senior at Golden Valley, expressed her opinions about the theme. “I really love the theme,” she said, “As a child I’ve always seen highschool dances with the theme masquerade and I was like hey I want that in my high school experience.,” and it seems like ASB thought of exactly that when choosing the theme of the dance.

Brooke emphasized that she hopes “To really encourage more positive memories to be made during high school,” for all students and this is one of the ways they are doing it. “This is just one of those cliche high school movie themes that you want to experience but it never really happens,” said Brooke. The theme of this year’s winter formal is a way to give students their own highschool- movie-moment.

Students racing in the WINFO rally. (Andrew Osmond)

Student feedback is the biggest challenge when it comes to organizing school events. “There’s a lot of pressure with student feedback,” explained Brooke “It’s a lot of pressure, in the sense of there’s been so many dances beforehand are people going to compare this to a previous dance? Will this dance be up to par?” So far students already have expressed some expectations regarding the winter formal dance.

Danielle Luna who has been to Homecoming of 2022 and Prom of 2021 “For Winter Formal, I just hope that there’s more people dancing and good music, altogether just more engagement with the students.” Another Golden Valley senior, Sherlyn Herniquez, who is actually running for court for winter formal, expressed “I hope they actually stick to the theme of masquerade cause I’m really excited for them. Overall, there is excitement for the event and excitement especially for the seniors of 2023 who are expecting a fun filled night to wrap up their high school experience.

GVHS Colorgard performing at the WINFO rally 02/07/2023 (Andrew Osmond)

This being said, winter formal is the first main event to jump- start a fun new second semester. Tickets are already available for purchase and the flash sale happened January 20th. If students haven’t bought tickets yet, they may get tickets for $45 without a gold card and $40 with a gold card. If you would like to bringing a friend to join our fun from a different school, there is a Guest form at the ASB Office for any friends you may want to invite from other schools. There are other new accommodations to encourage students to come to the event, for example winter formal proposal posters sold in ASB, ticket flash sales and the winter formal rally coming up on Tuesday, February, 7th.

For more information about tickets check with the ASB office.