The Joy, Comfort and Stress-Reducing Power of Aquarius Season Has Finally Arrived


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Zodiac sign aquarius and circle constellations. Vector illustration

Aquarius season has arrived!

From January 20 to February 18, it will be fun to learn that these following week’s will feel lighter not just for Aquarians but for all signs this year. The desire to try new things, improve your relationships with loved ones, or become more involved in how you spend your time, may be attributed to this season according to zodiac beliefs.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet, Uranus, and it is believed to be a sign of great intelligence, uniqueness, rebelliousness, serving humanity, and wild unpredictability. Aquarius is actually an air sign, despite its association with water as a water bearer—literally, a water carrier—because it is believed when water comes out of a jug and pours into the earth it represents giving life and spiritual nourishment to the world. They’re a representation of the Gods supplying the Earth with vital nutrients. It is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and the final air sign.

Aquarius’ new moon in 2023 will bring new beginnings and a reminder to learn from life’s experiences and take risks. This year in March, Pluto will also enter Aquarius, causing effects that will last until 2043 such as a prediction for an innovative breakthrough; a relationship might even get started.

Sofia Salazar, a Golden Valley student and an Aquarius, stated, “all Aquarius’ are very outgoing and both extroverted and introverted people. I feel like everyone still has their own personal tendency that makes them, them. I love being one. I feel that having that as part of my identity lets me connect to others. We are the rarest sign, so making that connection is great.”

Some people will usually exclude Valentine’s Day from Aquarians because of the stereotype of these Zodiac signs having zero compassion, or being cold and somewhat detached. That might be wrong, since Aquarius is actually one of the most loyal and strong-minded individuals.

Leia Lopez, a fan of astrology and student of Charter College, expressed, “I am new to learning about astrology and I am looking at what is happening now, which is about Aquarius season, and how they are all the same yet different at the same time, but very determined at what they want and do.”

Some are bright and outgoing, while others are more shy and would rather stay inside. That is why they are often referred to as the rebels of the zodiacs by many astrologers for always believing in breaking the mold. Not only that, but people tend to forget to mention Aquarius in many videos involving horoscopes or just when talking about them, since they are rare.

When an Aquarius feels at ease, they open up. According to the Aquarius predictions, you can ensure that you have fun with the beautiful life you have created by taking the right risks. Embrace your eccentricity during the Aquarius season, sort out issues with loved ones, and create memorable experiences.

Even with no changes, this month or year will hopefully still be successful and more liberating. Best of luck to all of the Aquarians during their month!