Poetry Popularity

Everyone is drawn to a good rhyming theme or a fun pattern as seen in some of the most popular forms of writing: poetry. Poetry is a form of literary expression that uses language to evoke emotions and convey meaning, something that everyone can relate to.

Now that more people are writing poetry, it is becoming more and more significant in culture and everyday lives. Some may even consider it a new trend.

Amanda Gorman is one of the biggest reasons why poetry has been highlighted recently and why people have been inspired to write. Her speech, “The Hill We Climb,” spoke volumes enabling Americans to start thinking about the current state of America and she gave solutions on how to make America better for the Black Community and people of color in general. This is an inspiration to people of color around the world. Her work has helped boost poets of color being recognized for their brilliant work.

Writing poetry is a way for people to freely express their feelings in a creative way, and reading poetry is a way to help people understand their feelings so that they can clear their minds of the jumbled thoughts that might be blocking them.

Yarleny Pena, a Junior at Golden Valley High School, who also writes poetry herself, confirmed this. She expressed that “poetry is very therapeutic because you have to think about what you are writing instead of brain dumping.” She added, “Writing poetry is a way to slow your brain down and calm your thoughts” Having something therapeutic to do such as read poetry is very beneficial to mental health as well.

It is recommended that everyone takes at least one mental health day every month because personal situations can pile up, becoming too much for them.

During those mental health days, it would help to write some poetry to get creative juices flowing. Writing poetry can help and be a way to gain some control over your emotions because poetry can help organize emotions so they aren’t overwhelming.

One reason for this fluctuation in popularity is the changing ways in which people consume and interact with media. In the past, poetry was often a popular form of entertainment, with live readings and recitations serving as a form of community gathering. However, media such as radio, television, and the internet have become more prevalent, and the popularity of poetry has slowly diminished.

Overall, if popularity of poetry fades away, it will continue being therapeutic to those who decide to work with it.