CA SB 541 Requires Public High Schools to Give Out Free Contraception


Marie Hamilton

Chris Melkonian finally figures it out.

According to the CA SB 541 bill, by the 2024-2025 school year, the state of California will require all public high schools to give out free condoms and teach students how to properly stay safe.

It all started with the California Healthy Youth Act, which made it possible for kids from 7-12 grade have the,“knowledge and skills to protect their sexual and reproductive health.” Now that this bill has passed, it is causing many things to change for the better.

This bill will also allow students under the age of 18 to be able to receive the HPV shot; another impacting move if students cannot easily access that type of care and protection.

GV Student, Vladimir Lemus added, “I feel ashamed having to ask, plus in some places they keep them locked up!” The fact that teens feel embarrassed about going out and asking, or even feeling ashamed by adults about getting contraception is unethical. Thanks to this bill, it will remove that shame of face-to-face confrontation just to get condoms.

Another GV student, David King, claimed that they had read about it in an ‘article of the week’ in their English class and was surprised to find out that it had passed.

When it comes to Golden Valley specifically, it is almost guaranteed that anyone thinking about having a child or going to school will have the tools to make themselves safe from harmful things that will change their educational career. Student Sam Hurtado, pointed out that, “any access to protection in sexual activities is always going to help prevent STDs and pregnancies. It just helps with everything.”

While many parents are against their teens having sexual relations, the hard reality will most likely despite the ideals of their parents. With this bill, it will hopefully reassure all parents that their kids are at least safe despite what decision they may make.

SB 541 will be especially beneficial to GV in ensuring that every student can make smart decisions to stay safe when having sex and to also know how to use contraceptives properly.

In an article found on Planned Parenthood’s Page, they pointed out, “If you’re going to have sex, making it safer is the best way to help avoid getting or passing an STD.” The main goal of the bill, again, is to prevent anything life-threatening from happening, especially to teens.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists regarded that thanks to the Affordable Care Act, there are certain ways to make contraceptives more accessible and cost-effective.

In the end, CA SB 541 will for sure have a positive effect not only in Golden Valley but also in all high schools across California. Teens will finally be able to receive contraceptives and care enough to keep themselves safe and be smart about what they do.