Track & Field Season in a Flash


Track & Field Program

Frosh Soph Championships

Adrenaline kicked in for these athletes as soon as they stepped on the track; they trained hard and broke through their limits, resulting in another amazing season for the program.

This new season for the Track & Field program has made a huge change at Golden Valley High School that will impact the school throughout the upcoming years.

Following the Cross Country season, many of the long distance runners have been training hard and preparing months before the beginning of the track season. Not only long-distance athletes, but the short distance runners and field athletes have given dedication and hard work. By preparing themselves with intense practices and workouts, they made the season an amazing one.

Kicking off the season, the Grizzlies make an impressive victory in their first meet against Hart High School winning both Varsity Boys and Girls. In the second meet of the season, the Girl’s Varsity team defeated West Ranch while the Boy’s Varsity team was defeated by just a few points. Both teams then had an unfortunate defeat against Saugus in their third race meet.

These amazing Grizzlies made a turn in their season by defeating Valencia in both teams, taking the horns down. Unfortunately in the following meet against Canyon, they take a painful blow to the chest having an ultimate defeat against them. In the last meet of the season, the Boy’s Varsity team defeated Castaic ending the season with a bang; unfortunately, the Girl’s Varsity team was defeated but went out fighting.

Warm Ups for League Pre-lims (Track & Field Program)

Jack Eaton, CIF qualifier for both Cross Country and Track & Field and mid-distance runner for the program, gave some words about the overall progress the program made this season. Eaton expressed, “I think we did really well, it’s good to see the people that didn’t really push themselves to start taking it seriously and work hard every day.”

Although the season had ended, it didn’t mean that the racing was over. The Foothill League Finals were held at the end of April at College of the Canyons. This is an event in which the best of the best running athletes for each school in the district compete to come out on top and prove themselves to the whole district. Some of our dear Grizzlies, both boys and girls, were able to place high enough for the opportunity to qualify and compete in CIF; this is a huge accomplishment in itself.

Throughout the season, the team faced many challenges and obstacles that brought the team up and down during practices and meets. Diego Sanchez, a mid-distance runner and a veteran of the Cross Country and Track & Field programs in Golden Valley, had expressed the obstacles the team faced. He explained, “Our biggest one would be losing our head coach and other coaches at the beginning of the year, with this we also had a lot of our top runners from both sides leave. Another challenge would also be the rain since it would rain every day at the beginning of the season during our meets and even during our practices; so yeah there were lots of challenges.”

Jack Eaton and Diego Sanchez receiving “Outstanding Male Track Athlete” award at Track & Field banquet (Brandon Castillo)

The Track and Field program had another amazing year, they weren’t able to reach the goal for the season they were wishing for but they still kept on running and finished the season off strong, accomplishing much along the way.

We would love to recognize every single athlete in the program for their hard work and dedication to improve in every aspect and truly help the program move forward for future running athletes.

Congratulations to the athletes, Marley Scoggins, Neveah Williams, Noa Prothais, Riley Bellamy, Aidan Elias, Tyler James, Breelyn Newsome, Baylee Walker, Nyah Fields, Brooklyn Leary, Sasha Barries, Kale’a Tindal, Audrey Tait, Lily Ulloa, Nicole Zierhut, Katelyn Catu, Kiera Donovan, Sean Reyes, Salem Macias, Madison Davis, Dhafny Palmar, Jack Eaton, Antonio Moore, Addae Ma’at, Ajani Smith, Keagan Lee, Sonny Bustamante, Esaias Ellis, Stephanie Leyva, and Makaiya Cortinas, that qualified to CIF and gave it their all to create a name for themselves.

Thank you to the track coaches for helping and training every single one of these athletes to be the best versions of themselves.

This program will continue to grow and inspire many throughout the years. The Track and Field program is excited to welcome any future and talented athletes who will make a huge difference for the program. As always another amazing season for the program from many more to come; this was the 2023 Track & Field season in a FLASH!

2023 GV Track & Field Team Picture (Brandon Castillo)