What’s Peer Counseling?


William S Hart Unified School District

What a Hart District Wellness Center provides

Peer counseling, located in the GROWL center, is a comfortable, relaxing space where students can go to get away from the stress of school and life. Grizzlies can go during free periods, breaks, and classes with a pass from their teacher. Many talented students took a peer counseling class, and there are currently two staff members who run the program.

The GROWL Wellness Center supports the mental health of students. They advocate well-being, self-advocacy, and students’ educational outcomes. The GROWL center acts as a safe space for students to talk to peers, get mental health help, etc.

Entering the GROWL Center, you are warmly greeted, and a student will ask if you would like to talk about what’s on your mind. Danielle Luna, a 12th grader who recently visited the GROWL Center, told The Grizzly Gazette, “I felt welcomed because everyone greets you, and they are all open to talk.”

The counselors understand that you might want to wait to open up. You are given your respected space and privacy if you want to be alone. You can talk about anything, and the counselors are there for you. If you want to take it all in, you can comfortably do so here.

Luna continued, “I felt comfortable because there are little games you can play, so that helps with awkwardness and helps you feel more welcomed and comfortable to talk about a sensitive topic.”

There are many services that the GROWL center offers, such as:

-Assessment of Basic School Needs
-Case Management
-Education and Awareness Programming
-Parent Education
-Referrals to Community Resources

The GROWL Center is always there for Grizzlies! You can find the GROWL center in the 500 buildings on the bottom floor. You can just walk in or make an appointment!