Short Story: Bleach the Bird


Morelle Brooks

Protagonist Alessandro Russo’s fictionalized Instagram page

Contributing writer Morelle Brooks wrote this piece as an assignment for her 11th grade English class. We’re thrilled to be able to share her work here with our readers.

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“Hey everyone, it’s ya boy Alessandro coming to you live from the abandoned set of Bleach the Bird!” Alessandro excitedly shouted.

“So today we’ll be going onto the set of Bleach the Bird that has been out of commission since 1968. It’s stated that there have been sightings of the actual Bleach the Bird wandering around the set.” Alessandro finishes his intro walking towards the set. He pulls out his phone to read the comments as he’s exploring the area.

@live345: HEYYYY
@User12784957 just joined
Lovexoxo just joined
@TheLife592: What’s the plan, Sandro?
@allesandro_fan101: How are you?!?!
Nerddygummies just joined
BandoBros just joined
@nerddygummies: ._.

“So the plan @TheLife592 is that I’m going to try and stay the whole night. Maybe while we’re here we might even spot Bleach.” His face brightens up at his challenging idea. Once inside, he started looking for a spot where he would be staying for the night.

“Okay guys, I think this is a good spot,” Alessandro responded.

After securing his spot and putting his stuff down, Alessandro started exploring. The first stop he went to was the changing room. While exploring, he found old makeup and costumes. His next stop was the office and in there, there were some posters of Bleach and some old papers. His next stop was the workshop.

“Woah yall, it’s dusty here. Look at that! I wonder what it is?” Alessandor’s face scrunched in confusion.

@PattyMayo: faaaakkeee LMAOOO
@lovexoxo: Starting to think it’s fake lol
@nerddygummies: lowkey scared
@MyGuy_Life: I think it’s a crushing machine of some sorts

“I believe you’re right @MyGuy_Life, and a big one at that,” Alessandro observed.

While getting closer, he saw bits and pieces of other animatronics everywhere on the ground. While exploring the workshop, he started hearing noises and felt like he was being watched. So he left the room and went exploring some more.

“Yall, that room gives me the creeps. I think I’m going to steer clear of that room.” Alessandro whispered.As he strolled toward another room, Alessandro heard footsteps and gears grinding quietly behind him. So he turned and caught a glimpse of blue fur. So, he jogged after it.

“Did you guys see that? I saw a glimpse of blue fur. Do you think it’s what everyone’s talking about when they say that they saw Bleach the Bird wandering around the set?” Alessandro blurted.

When Alessandro started following Bleach, he heard a door close. When he got to where he thought it was, there was a door labeled ‘Basement’.

“Do you think I should go in there? Yes or No?” Alessandro questioned. Chat spams with a mixture of yes and no, however, “yes” is the only answer he’s looking for.

“Yes. Alrighty, let’s go.” His voice was shaky, eyes wide. He takes a deep breath taking a cautious step inside.

While Alessandro descends the basement stairs, he discovers a cage in the corner. As he was walking closer to it, he noticed a body chained to the wall.

“Am I the only one seeing this?” Alessandro mumbled.He stalked toward the cage. He was trying to see if the person was dead or alive.

“Umm… Hello. Are you ok? Do you need medical help?” he uttered.

“Please…Help me.” the person whimpered.

“Ok, what’s your name? What happened to you?” Alessandro questioned.

“My name is Léa Visage.” Léa muttered.

“What happened to you, Léa?” Alessandro asked.

“Nonononono. He’s going to come back, you need to get me out of here!” Léa yelled.

“Who’s going to come back, what’s your name?” Alessandro insisted.

“Bleach, Bleach the Bird is going to come back.” Léa cried.

While Léa was muttering, Alessandro was looking around for anything that can help him get this cage open. However, as he was looking around, Alessandro came across another cage next to hers that had dead bodies in it.

Suddenly, Alessandro was frozen in place. After the initial shock, he started panicking a little. But he knew that he had to get Léa out of the cage before whoever or whatever slaughtered these people came back. Following the search, he was able to find a pipe and break the lock on Léa’s cage. When getting her out, Alessandro failed to notice the Bleach was right behind him. When he realized that Bleach was behind him, with the same pipe, he whacked Bleach and they both ran.

“Come on, let’s go. Hurry!” Alessandro yelled.

They started running out of the workshop and in random directions. While running, they came across a door labeled ‘Office’. There they came up with a plan.

“We need to come up with a plan to kill off that thing!” Alessandro panted.

@Spongemom: HIIIIIII Sandro
@PeterParkersmom: 😑
@Tubulor: That was terrifying
@PattyMayo: This is soooo faaaaakeeee I’m telling u
@MyGuy_Life: Was there anything inside that workshop room

“That’s right. Léa, did you see anything in that room that might help us?” asked Alessandro.

“Ummmm…nooo, OH WAIT! I saw something that looked like a crushing machine of some sort in there that might be helpful.” Léa offered.

“Yea, that would be good. Now, all we need to do is come up with a plan to get Bleach to the workshop room.” Alessandro pondered.

So, while in the Office, they came up with a plan. They planned that Léa would lure Bleach into the room and Alessandro would stay hidden next to the operating station to turn on the machine. Léa went out to go find Bleach and Alessandro ran to the room.

@PattyMayo: R u people believing this? It’s most likely just someone in a costume
@MyGuy_Life Reply to @PattyMayo: Nobody asked for your opinion, if you search up Bleach the Bird, then you can see the facts, videos, and stories about him. So, stop being annoying and ruining it for other people
@MyGuy_Life: Are u ready

“Yea, I think we’re ready. I’m a little scared.” Alessandro replied.

“I’m a little scared too, but we got this, okay?” encouraged Léa.

After what Léa said, Alessandro got the courage to fulfill this plan. They left the room with Léa going left and Alessandro going right. While Léa was running down the hallways looking, Bleach popped up at the end of one of the hallways she was in.


Yelling helped let Alessandro know that she’s found him. When she yelled that Alessandro figured that she found him and was making her way toward him. He started moving faster to find the switch to turn on the machine. But, when he tried it wouldn’t work and Léa was getting closer and closer to him. The machine was missing a screw so he started looking for the small piece. While looking, he could hear Léa just down the hall.


“I’M WORKING ON IT!!” Alessandro yelled back.

As Léa was getting closer, Alessandro still couldn’t find it. Then, Léa came into view in the doorway, quickly hiding behind the door with a wrench in her hands.

“Found it!” Alessandro revealed.

He quickly grabbed it, put it into the machine, and turned it on. Just as he got the machine to turn on, Bleach came into the doorway. They stopped for a second and looked around the room, finally spotting Alessandro. Then, they started charging at him. When Bleach passed the door, they failed to notice Léa standing behind it. So when they passed and started running towards Alessandro, Léa started running after them. Alessandro was standing in front of the entrance to the crushing machine. Before Bleach could reach Alessandro, Léa hit them with the wrench. That got them distracted for a few seconds and in those few seconds, Alessandro and Léa were able to push Bleach into the machine. After doing that, they ran out of the room and out of the set.

“We did it. YESS!!” Alessandro yelled.

@Kawiiachan just joined
@GodofEverything just joined
@Peoplepleaser: That was scary
@MyGuy_Life: I’ve called to police for you guys, so they should be on their way

“Thank you soooo much @MyGuy_Life.” Alessandro pleaded.

When they ran out of the set, they were met with police cars and officers. They were told to go to the ambulance to see if they had sustained any injuries. After their checkup, Léa was sent to the hospital for further inspection and Alessandro was put in the back of a police car and driven off. When they left some of the officers went into the set. They split up and checked the place. When the officers went into the basement where Léa was kept, they saw a bloodbath of bodies. Then, they went into the workshop room.
“This is where they were on the live stream.” Officer (1) replied.

When they walked inside, they checked everywhere but they couldn’t find Bleach the Bird anywhere or any signs that someone was even in there.

“Yea this is where that thing should be, but I don’t see it.” Officer 2 insisted.

“Well there’s nowhere else it could have gone, did you check everywhere?” Officer 1 scolded.

“No sir, we haven’t.” Officer (2) coward.

“Well then get to it,” ordered Officer (1).

“Yes sir, we will,” apologized Officer (2).

While the officers were inside the set checking for Bleach, they failed to notice Bleach quietly leaving the room and going to another room labeled ‘Props’. In there, there was a hidden wall that led underground, where Bleach was able to escape.

“I will get you Alessandro and Léa” Bleach groaned.

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