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Pop and Jazz? Choir and Band? See for yourself at Golden Valley’s Pop Jazz Concert

Christina Spears
Daniel Spears (Middle in the black shirt with the saxophone in his mouth) playing a saxophone solo accompanied by his band peers, photo taken by Christina Spears on September 16th 2023 at Route 66.

Bored on the weekday? Need a break from school work? Well, come out to Golden Valley’s Pop Jazz Concert this Thursday, Feb. 29th at 7 p.m., taking place in the Golden Valley Theater. Now, this isn’t a typical production put on from performing arts; this will be one of the few times Jazz Band and Choir collaborate for a special performance.

Both programs have extensively prepared, and are hoping students will come out and support their production. Jaia Bryant, a member of Golden Valley’s show choir, expressed she is very excited to perform on Thursday, and is hoping to see her peers come support. “I can assure you that this specific set is something many will enjoy,” Bryant stated. Students can look forward to showcases from all different levels of vocal arts.

Beginning Mixed Choir, Intermediate Concert Choir, Advanced Jazz Choir, and Show Choir will all be participating in this production. Bryant is particularly excited about their Hunger Games set that will be debuted during the concert.

A group photo of the GV Jazz Ensemble consisting of both the GV Jazz Band (Left) and GV Jazz Choir (Right), photo taken by Christina Spears on September 16th 2023 at Route 66. (Christina Spears)

Constructing the set has taken a lot of work. “We have been working on this since January, with rehearsals and preparation Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday’s hours at a time,” Bryant emphasized.

The Jazz Band will also be showcasing some of their most special pieces. Matias Castro, a Jazz Band member, spoke towards the hefty amount of preparation members put towards a particular piece called Spain. “The Jazz Band has been working every single day in class on the music,” Castro stated.

Spain is a piece that will be showcased at the Pop-Jazz concert. Daniel Spears, another member of the Jazz Band, stated, “ Spain is a traditional jazz tune that every jazz lover knows.” Besides these exciting pieces Jazz and Choir have in store, both programs are also extremely excited about collaborating with each other.

Blending both programs is bound to be a beautiful production. Golden Valley students should attend to witness the relentless dedication and hard work both choir and band have put in.

Due to the band director changes, the band program is trying to re-establish itself. “There is less student engagement than there was in years prior,” said Daniel Spears. Engagement has increased but members are always looking for more.

Daniel Spears (Left) and Lucas Castro (Right) performing saxophone for a jazz band fundraiser, photo taken by Christina Spears on September 16th 2023 at Route 66. (Christina Spears)

Golden Valley students have the opportunity to boost participation by attending the concert this Thursday. Tickets can be bought through Go Fan. Hope to see everyone there!

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Akina Ma’at, Section Editor
Akina Ma'at, a senior at Golden Valley High School and the Section Editor of the Campus News Team from the DMV (Dc, Maryland, Virginia) area is a passionate writer who loves any opportunity to speak truth to power. She recently found passion in poetry, utilizing it as a tool for self expression and self freedom. Besides her love for poetry, Akina has been a dedicated basketball player for 9 years, while currently playing on the GV girls basketball team. She’s also been a part of the track team here at GV as well as the vice president of the Black Student Union. Outside of school Akina has participated in oratorical competitions, and she serves as the Teen President for the Jack and Jill Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley chapter. Akina is beyond excited to cover campus and community news. Being a student writer is important to Akina because she understands the power and importance of accurate news. She values perspective and promises to bring that into every piece she writes. She also finds it pretty exciting that the Grizzly Gazette is in its earlier years of getting established. To her that means that she can contribute to the foundation of the newspaper. She is ready to make her mark!