Taylor Dropping Another Self-Owned Album


Taylor Swift at the 2022 VMA’s in Los Angeles

Taylor Swift dropped an announcement during the 2022 VMA’s for a new album “Midnights”; her ninth original studio album released that she has full ownership to. She is re-recording five of her previous albums to be able to own complete rights to all of her music. She has really worked very hard over these past years to be able to take time to re-record all her songs which are known as “Taylor’s Version”.

We have seen this before from Taylor Swift, as she also re-released two of her albums already– Fearless and Red–back in 2021. Tayor’s reasoning behind doing this is because she wants to be able to own her work. She had a previous dispute with her old label, Big Machine Records, who owned all her first six albums, hence the fact that she will be remaking them with the title “Taylor’s Version” attached to them. 

An interview with an anonymous source quote, “I feel like it’s smart to want to re-record the songs to be able to gain ownership of her own music is something that should’ve happened from the start.” She is an esteemed artist with many fans around the world who would hate to see her go through these types of problems. To be able to say that she has ownership of her music is an accomplishment and should not be taken lightly.

Music is a sense of relaxation and emotion packed into words, and Taylor’s music moves people in that way. There is an increasing trend where artists influence other artists to take stands and it wouldn’t be surprising to see more of this type of movement against corrupt big record labels that take advantage of new artists. When asked if they would support more people who do this, our anonymous source stated, “If other artists followed in her steps, I would support because all musicians should be able to own their music and not be tied down by a label.”

 The music industry can be a ruthless place surrounded with owners who just want the profit that comes with an artist’s success. Most of them don’t care about the artist at all, as long as they get their pockets filled. It’s unacceptable to see people be treated that way. 

Jackson Torres, a 12th Grade student from Golden Valley High School, quoted “It’s unfair because they lose their ownership of the music when if they really wanted to, could just put out the music on their own. Of course it would take longer to spread the music, but it could be possible.” Labels need to learn their place and actually care for and collaborate with their artists rather than use them as money grabbers.