Looking Forward to Golden Valley’s 2022 Homecoming

What Will it Offer and How Will it Compare to Previous Events Due to COVID-19?


This year’s Homecoming Theme is “Grizzlies Gone Mad!”

September 17 is Golden Valley’s 2022 homecoming, there will be a homecoming rally, spirit week, and homecoming night with different activities included. This is one of the first real homecoming celebrations after the COVID-19 pandemic. The changes that have been made to schools due to the pandemic have caused events like homecoming to change from not existing, to being very cautious and distant, to now, the start to a new normal. By comparing the different changes that had to be made to homecoming, the effect that the pandemic had on schools while be very prevalent.

This year’s homecoming carnival theme will be Grizzlies Gone Mad, based on Alice in Wonderland. The plan is to decorate the upper and lower quad, and hopefully the gym, though there will be more focus on outdoor activities due to recent weather conditions. There is a rally scheduled on Tuesday, September 12th in the gym with sports teams competing in competitions to kick off the homecoming week. The themes for each day are Mad Hatter Monday, Trippy Tuesday, White Rabbit Wednesday, Transform Thursday, and Fantasy Friday.

After coming back to school in person from virtual school, this is one of the first school activities recovering from the pandemic with no distancing or mask mandates. The school administration is going to make things a lot different from last year now that they have the ability to. From the principal, Sal Frias’ point of view, the years where students had to quarantine and the recovering year after quarantine were “miserable,” because he couldn’t do everything that he wanted to do. He wanted to make the time where everyone was going to virtual school as easy and pleasant for all students and teachers as possible.

The GV Girl’s Volleyball Team celebrates Homecoming week with our mascot

In 2021 there was a carnival, however; there were no indoor activities and only one carnival ride which was the Ferris wheel. In the administrators eyes, something was better than nothing and they wanted to make the event something enjoyable while still considering health restrictions and the students’ safety.

To students, homecoming is a fun way to meet up with your classmates in a different setting and attire. Students that have been here since the pandemic started who have also attended school activities over the years are excited for this year’s start to a ‘new normal.’ Akina Ma’at, a junior who attended last year, believes that “the school was very cautious and they put the students’ safety first, though it was disappointing to not have that many rides or activities.” Due to the pandemic there could only be a ferris wheel last year, but this year has so much more to celebrate coming back to school. Akina, along with other students, would like to see a homecoming that is more formal instead of a carnival but nonetheless every homecoming is full of surprises and is an event you wouldn’t want to miss.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a great effect on schools, businesses, but most importantly, people. Students are still trying to recover from being quarantined for a year and a half so activities like these are a great way to try and get students to acclimate to school life outside of just being at home staring at a screen. The staff at Golden Valley did their best to make learning easier for students when school was virtual, and they are now trying to adjust students back to in-person and give them a true Golden Valley High School experience.