Students Thoughts On The New Trending App “BeReal.”


The new trending app “BeReal” is being used by teens to show their friends what they’re doing. Their time to “BeReal,” take their daily photo, happens at a random time everyday.
The app “BeReal.” was founded in 2020, but recently has become extremely popular around the world, mainly used by teenagers. A multitude of students pull out their phones at the same time everyday during class and take pictures. Other students delayed, exclaim “No! I posted my BeReal late”. Overall everyone has an excitement to post their pictures to friends whether it’s on time or late.

This app allows users on the app to post one photo a day to show their friends and followers what they are doing in “real time”. The photo will capture your front and back camera at the same time.
It is a once a day post that is supposed to be an unfiltered snapshot of their actual daily life. Everyday at a random, different time, everyone is notified simultaneously to share a photo within the two minute timer. The takeaway is that you can’t plan your BeReal post for the day. The notification received will say “2 min left to capture a BeReal and see what your friends are up to!” You also may react to your friends BeReal with a photo and can comment on their photo.

Students on campus have shared their thoughts and opinions on the app. They first discovered BeReal through other social media platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram. A student on campus, Dayana Maldonado, discussed what she thought about BeReal. She found out about the app through friends, and other social media platforms. Many encouraging her to download and try out the app.

Maldonado shares, “This app is more unique than other apps because not only can people take pictures and show others what they’re doing, but it’s all at the same time. The picture only stays up until the next notification goes off for a new one the next day. It’s also different from other social media platforms because the picture shows both the front and back camera at the same time which other apps don’t. It’s cool to be able to see friends around campus post a picture on what they are currently doing either on campus or outside of school”.

If you haven’t gotten the app yet, I encourage everyone to try it out, to connect with others and have fun seeing your friends pictures!