Gone Mad Rally 2022

Our Varsity Cheer and Dance performing

Golden Valley had its first pep rally of the school year, and it was very exciting and successful. Students from all grades came in with such uplifting energy, supporting, and cheering on everyone who performed. All students were ready to show off their school spirit and be the loudest.

Much appreciation and recognition to our ASB for preparing the rally and setting up everything, along with their creative posters for every graduating class. Being able to have a fun rally for students is very important and lets them be involved in more school activities, as the rallies makes them feel welcomed and united. This also gives our underclassmen a perspective of how fun our school events are and what they consist of. As for our seniors, this was their last first pep rally but they sure knew how to make the most out of it, some performed, were a part of ASB, and also a part of a cheerful crowd. Many games were played during this time and our drumline gave everyone such a great performance, having everyone clapping and stomping their feet to the beat of their colorful and artistic performance.

Our fall sports were also recognized in the rally; Varsity Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Track and Golf. They were all shown so much recognition and respect. Our Varsity Cheer and Dance team also gave a great performance at the beginning of the rally. Lindsay Delgado, a senior dancer in the varsity team, described how performing with Varsity Cheer is very fun. When being asked how long it took for both teams to memorize and practice their performance she states, “It took about 4 days”. It is very impressive seeing how great and complex their performance was. She also adds, “Since cheer and dance are given lots of hype, along with band and Color Guard, it overall gives off good vibes.” She also explained some concerns “I really wish we had a lot more time and better outfit choices”. Looking forward to other rallies, improving concerns for such performances will help have more successful rallies.

Recognizing sports is also very important because they work so hard, and try their best in every game they have. Jabulani Aduwo, who is a part of Varsity Football, describes being recognized at rallies as “Thoughtful and appreciated”. Being in extracurriculars, such as sports, and having to weigh school all together can be stressful and each rally has made sure to honor these student-athletes very well. Although this is our first rally of the 2022-2023 school year, many sports of each season are always recognized for their hard work and dedication.

This rally was our homecoming rally, meaning that our homecoming court for each class was announced. Homecoming welcomes back our former students and new students, a tradition for many high schools. Announcing our homecoming court for each grade, having our Freshman class nominees: Jevin Smith and Brianna Bonfiglio. Next is our Sophomore class: Brandon Arietta and Makenna Jensen. Our Junior class is Darren Johnson and Isabella Molina. Lastly, for our Seniors we have: Precious Ortega and Deandre Hughes, Sydney Alexander and Kellen Galban, Genesis Flores and Cris Quezada, and lastly, Allie Villoria and Aman Sehmbey.

It is very exciting to have such a great homecoming court and letting students have a greater part. The Gone Mad Pep Rally was the best one yet and many more to come throughout the 2022-2023 school year. A big thank you to ASB for always having such great ideas and amazing school spirit!