Looking Forward to Tomorrow’s Vocal Arts Soloist Recital


The Vocal Arts program on campus sets off the year with their first concert of the year; the Soloist Recital. The concert soloist recital will have many talented individuals performing solos, duets and the Vocal Arts’ acapella group, Vivid will be performing too. This event Soloist recital will take place on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 at 7pm.

The soloist recital is open to all students on campus and not only choir students, as this is a common misconception and reason why people do not audition for an opportunity to sing at the concert. Many students have different hobbies and passions that they cannot necessarily pursue or practice more than they’d like, due to academics or other extracurriculars. There are many talented individuals on campus who are gifted talented in many areas. We have students from different backgrounds performing at the soloist recital; from freshman to seniors enjoying their last one yet, a total of 20 performances.

Our Vocal Arts choir instructor, Mrs. Nazario, consistently always has having something planned for the students in the Vocal Arts program; from performing at “Back to School” night, performing at the homecoming rally, having the soloist recital and upcoming and having to also plan out upcoming performances for the future winter concert with all choirs performing that many students are able to attend–as long as you are not on loss of privilege (LOP).

The soloist recital highlights individual voices… [it] allows for students to “hype up their friends” on a more personal level.

— Yarleny Pena Rodriguez, GV Vocal Arts Program President

Many students don’t see much purpose in going to the soloist recital but in reality, this is the show that starts off the year. When interviewing Yarleny Peña Rodriguez, Vocal Arts President, she elaborates on the importance of attending and supporting the Vocal Arts program, additionally with the students performing. She reflects, “It’s important to attend this concert night, even though not all choirs are performing because the soloist recital highlights individual voices…allows for students to hype up their friends on a more personal level”.

Now, if there is no time in your schedule to attend these concert nights, don’t fear, for there will be more in the near future! “Including soloist recital, there will be 4 concerts this year. Look out for those in the future and I hope to see you all at soloist recital, this Wednesday,” Yarleny states. Don’t forget to appreciate and support all programs on campus; there is so much hard work and dedication put into each performance.