Apple’s Ongoing Domination of the Tech Space


Apple (Company)

The IPhone 14 Pro in Deep Purple.

On September 7th, Apple unveiled their new line of IPhones to the public via their “Far Out” event showing off the new line-up for the year. With the release of this line of new phones, the domination of Apple and growth of the company will more than likely continue to rise.

So why IS the IPhone and Apple so successful? There are 3 reasons: the creation of a truly revolutionary product, ingenious marketing, and the guidance of Steve Jobs.

The product that revolutionized the world and boomed the company into the stratosphere was the IPhone. With a touchscreen, camera and web browser all seamlessly built in it was a completely new experience that surpassed all expectations set by phones in the past.

The traditional trademarks of Apple’s design have been ingrained into the public consciousness; the sleek and clean form factor, the logo, the iconic store design. Apple has carefully curated an image of themselves reinforced in the products they output. People are quick to recognize an Apple product when they see one.

At the helm of the company in 1997, Steve Jobs worked to change the ethos around the company and shift its image to a trailblazing and cutting edge company that helped advance any sector they worked in. Without the outlandish ideas of Jobs, the world wouldn’t have the Apple of today.

With Jobs’ untimely death to pancreatic cancer in 2011, Apple was expected to struggle. 10 Years on from his passing, Apple has gone from a $350 billion valuation to $2.358 trillion.

Their domination of the American market is not unprecedented, however; Apple’s switch to a more software oriented model has brought customers to grow linked with the company’s products. They have built an ecosystem that has simplified the experience of users. All of their products interact with each other in seamless ways making it easier to ease into the Apple ecosystem. When using an android, compatibility ranges between Apple products and android products. This further pushes one to want to purchase an Apple product.

“It’s just easier for everyone.” is what student Genesis Perez had to say on the convenience of the IPhone. “All my friends and family had IPhones so when they would try to Airdrop me something, it wouldn’t work.”

The framework Apple has built for itself has given them a massive step forward on competitors. She also mentioned that, “It would overheat and die.” Far and beyond, the quality control and ease of use continue to be a major factor in the overall success of the company.

Apple has made the road ahead for themselves as smooth as possible and with all subsequent releases, such as the IPhone 14, everything fits in perfectly.

With the ecosystem and all of its benefits, is it smooth sailing for Apple from now on? Not necessarily.

The quality and innovation from Samsung and other android competitors has slowly been growing. The radical design of the Samsung Z phones and stellar camera from the Google Pixel phones has definitely managed to turn some heads their way.

Overall, competition is good for the space. Apple and Android’s battle has been great for the consumer looking for the best options. The smartphone landscape has never been better.