Hispanic Heritage Month Appreciation

Each year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15. We celebrate the histories, cultures, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

The observation for this month all started in 1968 as Hispanic Heritage Week under President Lyndon Johnson. Shortly after, President Ronald Reagan decided that it was important and decided to expand it to cover 30 days in 1988. Finally, after some time, it was enacted into law officially on August 17, 1988. Ever since that day, we have celebrated how important this month is.

Here at Golden Valley High School, our ASB has done something to honor this month.

Oluwadara Faldon, a current ASB member, shared that ASB has been giving out drinks, such as Horchata and Agua Frescas, every Thursday in the Bare Necessities. It is nice to see that, here on campus, students are doing something to appreciate this important month.

Melanie Henriquez, a 9th-grade student, shared that every year her family throws a party where they share sweets and a moment to celebrate as a family. Melanie quotes “ we will be doing a project in class to honor dead celebrities and artists.”

Melanie shares, “These moments mean a lot to me and are valuable to be a part of. This is a very special thing to do with the family.” Melanie goes on to mention that we should all really celebrate this month since our ancestors have built on so much of our culture and traditions and it’s important to be celebrated.

Alonzo Gallgeos, an 11th-grade student, shared that as a kid he would go to a La Parade that would honor this time and he felt so close to everybody around there. Being at this Parade made him feel really united with the Hispanic culture and truly enjoyed all the food, dances, singing, and activities that were all included. Alonzo quotes “It means a lot to me because I am Hispanic myself and have grown up in a Mexican household where we always appreciate our culture everyday.

Jade Ramirez , a 9th-grade student, shared that her family goes out to eat and just cherishes the moment and all have a great time. She mentioned how in her spanish class they will be doing a project where they honor a famous Hispanic person from the dead and how she is looking forward to this assignment. Jade quotes “We are starting a project where we talk about the culture and the improvements that some of the Hispanics have contributed to”.

Pedro Sanchez ,another 9th-grade student, shared that he feels as Hispanic heritage month should be credited as long as every other race since our

Golden Valley Spanish I Students (Sherlyn Henriquez)

country is built off of a lot of cultures and races, which is why it’s important to celebrate. He also goes on to say that he doesn’t do much for this month but is still really grateful that we have a month that celebrates this Hispanic Heritage. He shares, “At home we don’t necessarily celebrate this month exactly, we make sure that when we can we all cherish our moments together as a family.”


Gracia Ramos, a 9th-grade student, shared how in class they are reading about Juanita Cruz, a female bullfighter, where she wasn’t allowed to be one, since it was a male-dominated sport. Cruz flew to Madrid and to Mexico to pursue her career and, since she loved it so much, she continued to pursue that same passion. Juanita Cruz continued to break barriers and has inspired many to pursue their path. Hearing about this story was truly shocking, how if something is really and even if everyone is against it

She mentioned how they are starting a project to honor the Day of the Dead and how she would choose somebody from Peru since she feels very connected. It’s very important that they take the time to honor all of these people who have made this difference.

Miss Gonzalez, one of GVHS Spanish teachers, shared that for her honors class they are doing a Day of the Dead altar where they will choose a famous Hispanic person and honor them. For her Spanish 1 class, they are doing a power point where they will find a Hispanic to research and write about.

It is super important that not only students on campus are doing activities but some of our teachers are also coming up with ways to honor this month. After talking to all of these students and listening to their opinions and thoughts, it sparked how it gets highlighted. There are many ways to appreciate this month and hope that everybody understands why it’s important to appreciate all the cultures and races out there. Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month is one of the most beautiful things we as a community can do.