Man’s best friend: the bond between humans and dogs



Brounsten family dog Dottie

The bond between dogs and humans is at least 16,000 years old and may have originated in Northern China/Mongolia when humans were still mainly hunter-gatherers.

Less aggressive wolves were drawn to human camps for food, leading to symbiotic relationships between humans and wolves/dogs. Humans provided food, shelter, and safety, while wolves/dogs helped track prey and defend campsites.

Brounsten family dog, Dottie (claire brounsten)

Breeding for specific traits began soon after, and dogs were soon used for herding, protection, and transportation.

Throughout history, dogs have been used for a variety of purposes, including guarding tombs, helping the blind, and serving in war. In modern times, dogs are still used for search and rescue, detecting diseases, and providing emotional support.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, owning a pet has several health benefits, including lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and decreased feelings of anxiety and loneliness. Children who live with dogs in their first years of life also seem to have stronger immune systems.

In addition to their utility, most people keep dogs for companionship and unconditional love. Dogs can provide emotional support and act as natural antidepressants. Man’s best friend has a unique ability to read and mimic human body language and expressions, making them a perfect complement to humans’ social tendencies.

Brounsten family dog, Dottie (Clai)

Interviews with dog owners reveal the ability of dogs to understand human emotions. According to Karen, a licensed vet tech and unlicensed dog lover, “Animals can sense your aura – an example of this is when I was working in the animal hospital. The receptionist was — we had a new one — and when they have an aggressive animal that comes in for bathing, they’re supposed to highlight their name so we know ahead of time to be cautious.

She hadn’t been informed about the risk this animal posed, sharing “Well, this girl didn’t do it, and so our groomer had left for the day, so I had to go and bathe the animal. I didn’t know anything about the animal, so I just pulled it out of the cage ‘cause I was confident – pulled it out, you know, washed it, dried it, fluffed it up, threw it in the cage, went to go write it up, and I went, oh my gosh this is, like, a major caution animal!

Karen stated, “The minute my aura changed, and I knew that the animal was aggressive, he sensed it – he started growling and I could not get him out of the cage. I had to get the owner to come back and get him.

A dog’s behavior is largely influenced by our own. She told The Gazette, “My husband’s had a lot of health problems, and the dogs will go and they’ll lay on top of him, because they know that he needs attention, or know that there’s something wrong.”

Overall, dogs are an important part of human history and continue to provide numerous benefits to humans, with unconditional love being one of the most important aspects of the bond between dogs and humans.