Color Guard Auditions For Fall 2024


Golden Valley Parent

Valencia High School Competition on March 25, 2023.

Golden Valley High School’s Fall Guard is one of the most amazing performing arts classes the school has to offer. In collaboration with Golden Valley’s school band, teams of students work together to put on a show and routine.

The Golden Valley Color Guard Team is an amazing program to join that requires no prior experience. Color guard is a great sport that counts towards your Physical Education and/or Practical Arts accreditations. People are encouraged to join and experience teamwork skills and have tons of fun.

Being on the team has benefits such as having lots of freedom of opinion. The team works together to gather their ideas and put themto practice. The sport allows participating students to get into character with costumes, and makeup.

Color Guard is a fun and competitive experience where the team and other rival teams travel to Southern California to compete while hanging out and making new connections. The GV Color Guard works hard to earn trophies at competitions, which is always a gratifying experience with your team. The team participates in rallies, football games, fundraising events, and many more.

GV’s Color Guard created a performance during the winter season, the song used for the show was, “Working Women” by Dolly Parton. This performance turned into a successful and amazing experience. An enjoyable part was the friendly competitiveness with other teams. The entire team put in all of their efforts and was able to receive medals, taking second place and third place at some competitions.

It is always nice to win but, most importantly, Color Guard is about having fun and enjoying being a part of the performance. Golden Valley encourages students to join because it’s a great sport to be a part of where you can have lots of fun. Sometimes people might be discouraged from joining because they may be afraid of not fitting in, but the group holds a high torch in being open and encourages anybody who has any interest, small or large, to join.

It’s not the most prominent sport you tend to hear about, however, it’s life-changing. So many people have met their best friends being part of this group and appreciated every moment. Golden Valley freshman, Veronica Rivera, said, “People should join the guard because it’s a fun experience and it’s fun to be able to make new friends and learn new skills.”

Rivera shared that her personal experience has, “…been a great time, I got to be on the weapon line which is a huge accomplishment for a freshman and I had so much fun with the band and being able to make friends with band and guard it made me feel super included.”

Natalie Arana, a freshman at Golden Valley High School, shares her honest perspective and encourages people to join and try it out, “I honestly didn’t know if I would like it but over time I got to be a part of something amazing and I got to experience being a part of a team it’s been honestly been so much. and I am glad I chose to stay,” Arana expressed.

Auditions will be announced at the parent meeting on May 9th at 6 pm. If interested, attend make sure to come and find out more about this program. Auditions dates will be posted in the Color Guard Instagram so make sure to check those dates!