Gas Prices Skyrocket in Santa Clarita

Gas Prices in Los Angeles, October 2022

CBS News

Gas Prices in Los Angeles, October 2022

High gas prices promote less gasoline consumption due to people traveling to and from work and school. This increased demand for gasoline causes prices to be higher in California than in other states like Arizona or Texas.

Ways gas prices have affected us is “it has forced people to stay indoors. The gas forces us to go on a merry-go-round.” Teresa Munoz, a retired Santa Clarita City bus driver, has been forced to stay within Newhall, Plum canyon, and Valencia due to gas prices.

She also states, “Gas prices have increased by 3$ since 2012 I had to get the cheaper gas option I used to get 89, but now I have to get 87 octanes.My car used to be filled with 20$ in 2012, now I have to spend 65$ to fill up a tank.”

As a result of high gas consumption in Santa Clarita, prices are often higher in LA than here. It may be due to the lower population size of Santa Clarita. In 2015, LA had a gasoline consumption rate of 3% lower than its neighbors. So, in addition to being more fuel-efficient, all those smaller cars must keep their gas tanks full!

To reduce automobile usage and gas consumption, the federal government encourages citizens to opt for alternative forms of transportation like public transit, or walking instead of driving. It also subsidizes cars that get good mileage through tax breaks, and incentives for the CVRP electric cars get paid to drive them, for example Tesla model 3 -model Y you can get paid $2000-$4500 depending on your income. But unfortunately, these efforts have only had a marginal effect on decreasing gasoline consumption.

While they’re helpful, there’s only so much that any government program can do when people are desperate for gas at any cost.

Due to its high automobile use and gas prices, Santa Clarita has high gasoline consumption rates. Although it is not as bad as other areas like Los Angeles, and San Diego, which have higher prices, for example they pay 8$ for a gallon. Remember that gas prices in Santa Clarita can change at any time, so it’s always a good idea to check the prices before you fill up.

If Santa Clarita slowly shifts to Electric cars, people would not have to depend on gasoline as much. There are options to get chargers built into homes, which can charge cars overnight.

Electric cars will keep Santa Clarita cleaner, cheaper, and environmentally concious.